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  1. TOY-SC1 for Sirius Satellite Radio
  2. VSS Wire for Navigation System
  3. Ok, they are cheap, but how bad can they be?
  4. Stock Scion DVD Headrests
  5. AUDIO-time is of the essence...
  6. Clips and Claws
  7. Fans to cool subs
  8. Factory speaker blew
  9. Automatic Short Shifter
  10. Where can I get stronger Struts for the trunk?
  11. How Do You Remove Console Under Shifter On A 2008 xB??
  12. Black square piece on shifter console
  13. car audio
  14. Overhead Monitor
  15. Power for rearview mirror and radar dector?
  16. D Unit gets a proper SQ install by Simplicity Sound
  17. Not happy at all with stock HU.......Is "premium"
  18. Sunroof - Webasto.
  19. Installing Double Din. Need help removing premium HU.
  20. LKA downloads to Premium Head Unit
  21. Is this legit?
  22. How to do Sirius???
  23. dash
  24. Taking apart the back end *56'kers come back in a few*
  25. anybody here build boxes?
  26. Anybody know some tricks to removing scratches on dash?
  27. Elemental Designs - Anyone have experience with custom boxes
  28. Kicker l7 fiberglass
  29. New stuff for my box...
  30. power outlet emergency!
  31. Subs under the back seats...
  32. Chip in Key?
  33. avic-d3...the strangest thing happened
  34. Alternator fun time. :(
  35. fuse box's diagram
  36. Audio upgrades for my 2nd generation xB
  37. New Updated Pics for 2008 year.. fun stuff
  38. How do you run 2 amps from the Factory Headunit?
  39. factory headrest Moniters Q
  40. sound ystem help and design?
  41. premium HU no good for sound system
  42. iPhone compatibility
  43. L.E.D. placement
  44. neon lights or led lights under dash?
  45. anyone change their seats yet?
  46. Hope the 500 dollars was worth it...but
  47. Dumb question! What goes in that third switch position???
  48.'s 08 xB Cold Cathode kit
  49. push start install (now with DIY!!1!)
  50. The continuing Armrest saga!
  51. RS3200 install this weekend!
  53. Mids
  54. nav service mode
  55. weirdo button on the drive side?
  56. Few more questions
  57. Fixed: Warm Air Out of the Vents in Summer When AC is Off
  58. Looking to Buy Alarm
  59. Factory leather interior?
  60. Aftermarket radio ???
  61. Factory Nav
  62. Thier here!!!!
  63. Kenny Wayne Shepeard
  64. Need help fuse box
  65. leather seat covers
  66. Has anybody extended their iPod cable?
  67. microsoft sync
  68. Custom dual 12" subwoofer enclosure pics
  69. Help with some 8"s
  70. wiring diagram for the gauge cluster
  71. nav system help
  72. Custom 3 12" subs powered by 1500W!!
  73. Battery Size
  74. How to pause the premium CD player?
  75. Removing Stock HU......Need Help
  76. I just want to share my new Mobile Multimedia Station
  77. Head Unit that works with Zune?
  78. Eclipse Navigation Wiring trouble!
  79. One Day only!!! ALL TECH PDF's!!
  80. Sirius and Premium Head Unit
  81. Scion's alarm system
  82. A/C Knob LED Shine Mod
  83. Painting the trim pieces
  84. Under Seat subwoofer on '08 xB (xB2)
  85. interior storage
  86. Carbon Fiber Seats
  87. Premier Pioneer Head Unit and Sirius Radio?
  88. viper 330v
  89. SSP
  90. Pondering an XB
  91. Rumion SubWoofer + Panel
  92. quick annoying question
  93. HELP!
  94. How Do You Remove Door Panels - 2008 xB
  95. Avic D3 vs. Avic D3X
  96. Steering wheel remote - PAC vs Peripheral
  97. Eclipse avn6620 questions
  98. Do you need Speaker adapers for the doors?
  99. Double din dash kit and wiring harness recommendations
  100. anyone find cool rubber floor mats that fit?
  101. Aftermarket seats
  102. Carbon Fiber Dash Kit Pics
  103. Going to bite the bullet - Installing the AVIC-D3
  104. Anybody have experience with Fusion Subs
  105. Need some AMP Help please?
  106. Frozone's Legacy Must Continue (EDIT)
  107. Newbie installing subs.
  108. Changed Scion Premium radio graphic display to red
  109. Rear speakersin '08 xB - Full range?
  110. in need opinions /help/pics!
  111. In Dash Questions
  112. No CD Title
  113. c pillar speakers? anyone do it yet?
  114. Better interior lighting?
  115. Custom Gauge Face Plates
  116. Replacing front pax lights..
  117. rearview mirror
  118. Taking security to the extreme.
  119. Stock or Premium audio?
  120. SNS + Upgrades?
  121. Kenwood DNX7100 guys
  122. Anyone Try these floor mats?
  123. Replacing door speakers - pointers on removing the panels?
  124. $200 mail in rebate for pioneer AVIC-d3 x,y
  125. When installing speakers in the doors....
  126. Stereo Teaser Update: 04/11/08
  127. Better Front seats
  128. What have u done with the unused blanks on the dash? (PICS)
  129. Started on new interior
  130. Crossover wiring questions
  131. Alarm Tilt Sensor
  132. Steering wheel trim piece
  133. Need some help installing pac swi-x
  134. Check out my *new* Black Weave Dash Panel!!!
  135. Maintenace light reset?
  136. Meguiar's Quik Interior Spray
  137. My new system, part 1
  138. Kick Pods Anyone?
  139. Any DIY's for Mode button
  140. under-seat subwoofer, version 2.0
  141. Headrest DVD sound...
  142. Too Much Bump?
  143. Interior Fabric
  144. avid - d3x owners, where did you put the bt box and mic?
  145. RGB leds!
  146. Single Din
  147. aux port
  148. Need some advice on setup. Sub Firing Direction.
  149. Check out my interior! No one can beat this
  150. Premium Deck Questions
  151. Your thoughts please
  152. Light in passenger side pocket?
  153. Whats the best aftermarket nav/dvd system?
  154. Does the treble go to both front speakers AND tweeter?
  155. auto headlights
  156. New RF amp covers
  157. a couple of pics of my custom gear shift knob (and D3x)
  158. shift knob question
  159. let me see!!
  160. Toyota Japan 08 xB/Rumion SubWoofer + Panel
  161. Need help deciding on DVD solution
  162. Is it worth upgrading the stock speakers
  163. Premium HU SW RCA output issue
  164. VIP gen2xb table by Orataro
  165. amp
  166. Is there a sound quality difference between amps
  167. Noob subwoofer install questions
  168. My custom sub box/amp install
  169. whats the best amp
  170. Car Audio Setup Pics required
  171. Paint/Dye Pillars and Headliner
  172. Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD Installed
  173. fuse box and auto dimmerquestion
  174. Any of you Pioneer D3 guys using the 5th gen Ipod Video?
  175. paint
  176. Need to know Rear speaker wire colors
  177. work in progress
  178. Hiss Through my Speakers
  179. Do 6.5" speakers drop right in the rear? Adapter kit?
  180. the new AVIC-F500BT
  181. sub question...!?!
  182. Is the Navigation worth it?
  183. Dash Removal.... so close
  184. AVIC-D3 Replacement?
  185. What do you think of my setup?
  186. US Speedo
  187. Front Door Speaker Replacement
  188. Quick Question - Disconnect battery to remove A pillar?
  189. iPhone overheats when connected to stock iPod cable
  190. Strange small tubular shaped bin in the center console?
  191. My sub enclosure...kept spare
  192. Need a cheap back up cam for my D3
  193. ipod nano hook issue
  194. Premium Head Unit Question
  195. Amp/Alpine Type R Questions
  196. No Limitz Ind roll cage UPDATED PICS
  197. Aftermarket HU's and Steering Wheel Audio Controls
  198. How much Dynamat for full interior job... Question?
  199. CDT Audio... Yay or Nay?
  200. Here's MY custom Everything!!!
  201. Steering wheel controls for stock unit questions...
  202. Factory Ipod Connector
  203. iPod Touch Syncing Problem (Playlists deleted, etc.)
  204. help with runnin my power wire from the battery to my amp
  205. xb2 alarm install " Hey Bigpapa"
  206. So I got bored again!!
  207. So I got bored again!!
  208. Door panel fabric
  209. changed the headliner (again)
  210. What Scion Vehicles Come With Steering Wheel Radio Controls?
  211. Does Dyna Mat Works? Your Opinion, Please.
  212. sound deadening material???
  213. Quick Release Stearing Wheel
  214. Where can I find a 2008 xB wiring diagram?
  215. For those using ipods w/aftermarket head units..
  216. sunroof in socal
  217. Cargo Net Pics?
  218. system thoughts
  219. hey Jimmbomb, sneak peek
  220. So I got bored vIII (Headlight Mod)
  221. dome light again?
  222. Updated 2G VIP Table now with Trim rings
  223. ima noob at this audio part just have a few simple questions
  224. My new audio setup (sneak peak)
  225. PlayStation 2 and rearview LCD monitor.
  226. Quick question on upgrade HU about the sub RCA output
  227. What's on your Pioneer welcome screen?
  228. Patch Wires
  229. wheres a good, cheap audio shop in LA. cuz i wanna do this..
  230. headrest dvd units
  231. 09 xB Power Inverter Causing Sound Problem..HELP Please
  232. Cargo Area Dimensions for sub enclosure?
  233. Question on instrument cluster dimmer control
  234. Baller on a Budget...
  235. WTB: '08 Premium head unit
  236. Auto up/down windows
  237. pioneer avic-d3(new pic of receipt)
  238. remote wire
  239. TOY-SC1 for Sirius Install help needed!!!
  240. Cupholder lights
  241. Scion navigation sys
  242. Avic-z1
  243. Ipod Problems?
  244. Radar
  245. Double and Single Din Head Units
  246. Scosche SLC4 LOC Help
  247. Sub's on a Premium head unit
  248. C Pillar 6X9s Finally done!!
  249. System work: almost complete
  250. Sub help