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  1. iPhone and smart playlists
  2. which subs should i get?
  3. My totally stealth install
  4. Just got my new 09 XB with Navi - Navi ?
  5. No Limitz Ind Rearange
  6. T1801 and 2008 Scion XB Steering Controls?
  7. Kenwood DNX5120
  8. Latest Scion Navigation Disk Version
  9. Bigger is Better
  10. Boston Acoustics G110-44 NEW SUB
  11. Avic-F Series
  12. Viper 5900
  13. Need help with interior lighting please
  14. 4 wires going to tweeters?
  15. Auto to manual look shift boot
  16. glassed sirius install
  17. Pioneer 12s w/ Amp
  18. Easy aftermarket head unit install
  19. Diamond Audio Question
  20. Scion Ipod Cable SC12237
  21. Avic F series review - initia and brief
  22. Going to sell my new Scion Navigation after seeing whats new
  23. Remove Rear Door Trim
  24. Does anyone have specs on the factory audio system?
  25. In-Dash Nav systems that are not from Scion...
  26. In-Dash Nav systems that are not from Scion...
  27. 08 XB space question
  28. Interior in progress before and after...
  29. DYI for PAC SWI-JACK
  30. I think I have alternator noise
  31. Viper 560XV alarm system
  32. Pics of my newly updated 09 Silver XB
  33. Bazooka sub in xB
  34. Rumion orange / blue illumination lights (2way mode)
  35. Which bluetooth system works the best?
  36. Upgraded Pioneer HU - Alphabetical Search?
  37. Standard equipment = iPod Cable
  38. 'Anybody rolling on OEM TC wheels on there 1st gen Xb'
  40. Lexus shift knob in XB
  41. Is sat. radio adjustable for sensitivity?
  42. Finished my leather interior - Black with Machined Silver
  43. xB Sunroof
  44. Pioneer premium head unit display question
  45. Ipod Control On T1809 Premium Head Unit
  46. Interior furring Finished!
  47. Looking for walled rubber floor mats!
  48. C pillar good location for subs?
  49. Need suggestions on wire running.
  50. xB 2 Alarm Chirping
  51. Sound System Problems
  52. Has anyone done a DIY install of XM?
  55. how to wire up rumion c pillar sub?
  56. Headrest DVD/monitor vs. Overhead DVD/monitor
  57. speedy sensor bypass for SCION nav.
  58. Removing arm rest pad
  59. want to do headliner, paint pillars to match on a gen 2 but.
  60. Sunroof
  61. single din Nav Vs double din Nav
  62. iPhone not recognized by factory radio
  63. Door rattle/sound Quality...
  64. Ipod Connector Question
  65. Ouch!
  66. Whats it worth?
  67. power??
  68. Factory Radio (baseline) RCA outputs?
  69. Shifter box
  70. My System Set up!
  71. Continuous 12V source near dash
  72. one touch windows its possible????
  73. RS3.0 Alpine Headunit Remote
  74. Premium Stereo/HD Radio Combo?
  75. Randode interior lighting kit
  76. Passenger Arm Rest
  77. New head unit with factory Sirius antenna
  78. Scion Ipod connector does not charge new Nano???
  79. The audio fade is driving me nuts!
  80. you know those cool long rear view mirrors?
  81. Premium Radio Extreme Issue!
  82. Scion Navigation disc ?
  83. was thinking of retofiting this
  84. Super GURU needed for ? Naviagation Hack VSS wire rating
  85. Best location for Amps....Suggestions?
  86. Navi Hack with Switch - How it really works
  87. 8" mids in front doors?
  88. Aftermarket nav head unit questions
  89. help with seat hight please
  90. Alpine navi touch screen problem!!!!
  91. HELP??! WIth Ebrake?
  92. Anyone remove the OEM Navi face plate for security purposes
  93. 8" in rear doors
  94. different fogs than normal
  96. Need Help with headliner
  97. Custom shift knob installed
  98. Need Help? How to remve door panels and hatch Panels
  99. dynomat or Hushmat Install
  100. Rear speaker replacement
  101. Ipod port in 2nd gen
  102. How to load custom .LKA files onto Scion Premium HU
  103. OVerhead Monitor Install
  104. Under front seats, perfect spot for my amps....
  105. Just a few audio questions...
  106. Help with sub?
  107. my bazooka busted...
  108. Amp for the speakers
  109. Shear Comfort LTD.
  110. anyone ever hear of pyle audio?
  111. Where to mount my GPS?
  112. Anyone Running XB Interior Illumination Kit?
  113. stock nav and address problems
  114. lets see them all of your interiors... custom or stock....
  115. So looking at crutchfield and some gear. Thoughts? (BIG EDIT
  116. Audio help...
  117. It feels so good!!!!!!!!!
  118. window switch problem
  119. sunroof wiring
  120. What amp is great
  121. Edit.
  122. Rockford Amp Help
  123. S2000 seats in the xB2
  124. where to buy napolex laylight (jdm lights)
  125. joystick shift knob?
  126. Custom Scion XB09 Gauges
  127. dealer has upgraded the stereo on a new RS. Is it worth it
  128. Headunit
  129. 8" update
  130. Interior Painting
  131. Some new interior additions on our xB
  132. 09' Wiring Diagram
  133. new nano...
  134. A real 10" sub under my xB2 passenger seat. Stealthy!
  135. Optima Info
  136. My xB and its system. Lots of pics
  137. designer custom interior
  138. Lock for 08 Scion Xb Glove Box
  139. What is the best way to ...
  140. Radio stays on Keyless won't work
  141. Good place to get steering wheel cover?
  142. Addictive Audio 4 8's build
  143. Secret Mode on OEM Stereo for gen2??
  144. AVIC-D3 / PAC SWI-PS install question
  145. No Limitz Ind Update
  146. Can I tighten my armrest?
  147. Interior: Driver Seat too far to the right?
  149. sub to stock headunit??
  150. Navigagtion System?
  151. correct wiring harness and dash kit for double din?
  152. Got Jacked..... Grrrrrr! Now I Need Some Amp Help!
  153. Can an 06 premium stereo work for 08??
  154. power seats?
  155. sound comparison between stereo models
  156. How can I boost iPod/AUX in volume?
  157. is there a hidden menu on the stock nav head unit
  158. Latest Navigation Disk
  159. interior lights like HHR/malibu
  160. Portable GPS Units
  161. Slammin in my Box
  162. Just redid my interior door panels with some fabric
  163. Interior paint
  164. How difficult will this be?
  165. Cleaning the interior.
  166. ipod interface cable..
  167. car beeps twice when I turn it off sometimes WTF
  168. Toyota Rumion
  169. HELP me find the revese wire please :)
  170. help power mirror and radio not working
  171. Iphone Issue with NAV Sys
  172. A 4AT Shift knob question ! Please help
  173. Does SNS Nav head unit put out a flat audio signal?
  174. 09 premium radio
  175. My new armrest
  176. What kind of door speakers can I get for my 2009 xB?
  177. New stereo or new speakers?
  178. oznium LED strips with music interface
  179. Turn on remote wire?
  180. Extending Sun Visor
  181. Steering wheel help...
  182. Ihave some questions aobut Premium Head Unit
  183. Dash kits?
  184. Big 3/Grounding Kit Write-Up
  185. interior speaker recommendations pls?
  186. If you had 3 G's on a sound system..what would u get? ; )
  187. Will this shift knob work for an 09'?
  188. Help me decide on sub & amp
  189. wiring help/amp choice
  190. Gauge Pods
  191. Pioneer 8" Shallow Subwoofer installed [PICS]
  192. What kind of audio wiring will I need for a 2009 xB?
  193. Are Polk Audio good amps for car?
  194. Electrochromatic mirror
  195. Help me pick out an amp
  196. Painted dash and a couple other things
  197. Lighted Door Sills
  198. How much do shops charge to install a dvd/navigation unit?
  199. Is it difficult to change E Brake handle?
  200. Clutch-Stop?
  201. Massive Audio Custom Install
  202. please help! steering wheel radio buttons removal
  203. What's a good price for this install?
  204. I want to change color of gauges & temp control area...
  205. A/c trim piece NEW PART FOUND
  206. Sirius Problem
  208. scratches on interior plastic, what to do?
  209. stealthbox
  210. Lookin for double din and photos
  211. Sub Question
  212. 12v power source that is constant power
  213. need help removing backseat
  214. Push Start BUTTON on 2nd Gen XB
  215. Can i connect Factory Ipod cable for AFTER MARKET NAVIGATION
  216. Brand new PREMIUM CD only 150$
  217. yo new gen xb'ers!
  218. LED Interior Light Replacement
  219. Which of these 2 shift knobs should I get?
  220. Antenna locations (GPS/XM)
  221. Steering wheel HELP
  222. TRD Carbon Fiber Shift Knob Pics
  223. FOG LIGHTS on 08
  224. Messing Around
  225. New 8.1 Scion Navigation Available
  226. Subwoofer for cargo area
  227. Passenger kick panel wiring help
  228. VSS issue with aftermarket navi install
  229. air/fuel ratio connections to computer
  230. anyone using Pioneer CD-SB10 for Sirius?
  231. Any head units that work well with steering wheel controls?
  233. OEM Navigation Questions
  234. Input on Sonics&Reliability Alpine CDA-9884/Eclipse CD31
  235. want to put an LED flashing light to look like an alarm
  236. What's a step up from the Alpine-CDA 9884?
  237. Are there any aftermarket tweeters that fit?
  238. Trying to work out the OE HU input connections!
  239. OEM Sirius Tuner no longer available?
  240. Interior Map Light / Dome Light pics...
  241. Recommended budget HU?
  242. rearview camera
  243. scion xb navigation unlock
  244. If your illuminated sill guards don't turn on reliably ...
  245. AUX / IPOD conector
  246. Stock Battery Upgrade - What Size?
  247. How do I hook up an IPOD Shuffle?
  248. Charging iPhone 3G and new iPods on factory radio
  249. I really need help (Fog Light)
  250. Navigation unit problems