View Full Version : Custom Tool Box for Xb Cargo Area (Advice Needed Please)

06-15-2007, 12:59 AM
There seems to be a good bit of technical talent in this forum, so I'd like to get some ideas/advice for a project I'm undergoing. A little background...I own a home inspection company in Atlanta. The 2nd generation Xb is going to serve as a work vehicle. My Little Giant ladder will fit just fine inside the interior with one of the rear seats folded down. Now, for the project...

I want to create a drawer or tool box that has drawers that open by a dc powered mechanism via a remote. Has anyone done something like this? It only needs to be the size of the cargo area (with the rear seats up). I know it sounds a bit unnecessary, but I'm hoping to create something so custom that is becomes a conversation piece amongst clients and real estate agents.

All ideas are welcome!

Thanks in Advance.