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08-14-2007, 03:55 PM
I'm curious if anyone else has gotten the stock lighting kits or paid for the bumper applique. I went to my maintenance center yesterday and waited 4 hours for them to do the lighting kit. I'm not thrilled in the least with the results. I paid for the bumper applique with my financing and was told yesterday it may or may not ever exist. I got on the scion website and talked with one of their chat representatives and was told that it was basically recalled for poor quality and that it might be re-issued later down the line.

After the 4 hour wait (when I was told it wouldnt be very long) I get in my car and notice it wasnt installed very well. I was told I only had the option to choose one color even though the website said it does 4, I argued with them about it and they said no it only does 1, then when i get in the car it DOES do 4 colors. (just not very well the orange and red are pretty much the same and not very bright)

I have to move the one on the passenger side because they didnt even put it in right. You cant see anything it was installed so high up. I have to file down the hole where one of the LEDs in the cup holders were put because they drilled one way and jammed the light in the opposite way. It makes no sense to me why they wouldnt atleast make sure it was smooth before they stuffed in the LED/dome.

All the reviews I've read about the new xb's have basically said dont waste money on the doo dads but this is the first thing i'm authentically mad about. The GPS unit I re-wired it so its now useful, and the door sill lighting while it was only two when I was kind of expecting 4, its still nice looking and I dont feel like I got ripped off.

The LED kit is awful. I could have done my entire car for the $300 I spent for these clowns to jack my car.

What I'm interested in doing now is changing the color by the speedometer, the dome light and adding some sort of lighting for the back seat and possibly additional LEDs in the "accessory holders" . BUT I dont want to add to many additional switches and i'd kind of like to be able to stick with one color scheme. Ideally I'd like purple, blue and green. And of course I'm trying to do it so that its effective but not overly expensive and no neons.

Help Please! <3

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08-14-2007, 04:10 PM
Yeah I paid for the appliqué. Its installed now.

The problem with it is that it bubbles up. The dealership said they should have a new one in the next few months. Sure... I'll just check with them when I get an oil change next.

They didn't do a good job installing my spoiler... went a little happy with the drill.

In fact, today is when they are going to finish fixing their mistakes...

Yep, sorry about the whackity LED install. :/ I think some of Scion's installers need to slow down and read the instructions or just think just a tad more.

They'll probably get better at these installs as they do a bunch more....

08-14-2007, 06:29 PM
I would head back over there and tell them that its flickering on and off occasionaly and make them install a new LED kit. Perhaps you got a bad one?

I really wish there was a way you could return it. Randode's kit is single color, but its incredibley bright since it uses CCFLs, nevermind the fact that his customer service is great. I blew out two inverters in a month and asked him if it was possible that i had wired it wrong in an e-mail. After indicating how i had installed it he said it was riht and offered me some new inverters. I had some laying around from PC mods and didn't need him to go to the trouble, but it left me with the feeling that i had picked a good person to do business with. :) Never had any more inverters go out so it was just bad luck

08-15-2007, 02:38 AM
I fixed it the best I could. In order for it to be done "right" it would recquire drilling additional holes. They mounted the bars in two different positions on each side so its not like an "even glow" per say, its a little brighter on the right side now, where before the left was brighter.

Turns out the right one (passenger side) wasnt visible because the morons put it in backwards.

I'm definately not amused by this all. I took a nail file to the chipped part in the cup holder. Its basically "as advertised" at this point except for now its the drivers side thats dimmer than the passengers side.

I waited almost a month for them to special order my vehicle, and get it in from japan because I wanted something very specific... Its good enough that I can just add more lights later on and it wont be a huge deal but I guess I figure if it were me i'd respect peoples cars a bit more since it is something that is expensive and its something that typically people are attatched to.