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08-20-2007, 01:32 PM
I currently had a 500/1 with a 10w7 in a ported in a box but wanted to go louder. Anyone out there who has a big system can you post up what you have and how many watts are you pushing. I would love to have two 13" w7's but am afraid that one day when I go to turn my car won't turn on. Also I always listen to my music with the engine on not just the electric system would I run into any problems with it at 75% gain without running into problems with starting my car

If I can;t go that route anyone know where I can get a high output alternator?

08-20-2007, 03:37 PM
Have you considered upgrading the stock battery and maybe trickle charging it once a week or so? Optima makes some large capacity ones I believe, not sure for other manufacturers.

08-20-2007, 07:03 PM
i have 2 kicker subs (CVR122) and kicker amp (zx750.1)

08-21-2007, 01:45 PM
Optima does make some nice, high CCA batteries. You also could check into Kinetik power cells, which are specifically used in car audio applications. Their HC1400 has a very small footprint while maintaining an incredible 1500 cranking amps! ...great quality stuff, too!
As far as current draw is concerned, the number of woofers has little to do with it. The amount of output and the voltage supplied are directly related to the amount of current drawn from a circuit. It's basic electronic theory. Volts x Current (Amps) = Power (Wattage). Your 500/1 is theoretically peaking 41.6 amps on a 12V circuit (ignition off), and 34.72 amps at 14.4V (ignition on). Even though most amplifiers do NOT hit their theoretical peak, this formula is a good basis for calculating your current needs in an audio system. It does represent accurate current draw at peak characteristics.
Considering your choice of 2 13w7s, have you given any thought to amplification? The 500/1 is not really going to dish out what those woofers REALLY want and that is wattage in the 1000's! 13w7s are power-hungry, so, if you choose to stick with JL, you ought to be looking at the 1000/1v2. Since the 13w7 is a dual 1.5 ohm coil, you could wire 2 of them in series-parallel to one 1000/1v2 which would serve the woofers 1000 watts.
At 1000 watts, this amplifier will be theoretically peaking near 70 amps with the car running! You will NOT want to run this setup on the stock battery. It will eat up enough current to drain the battery very quickly, which could cause other problems. If you intend on running other amplifiers on top of the 1000/1v2, you probably are going to need a HO alternator to keep the battery (whichever one you choose) charged and to provide the charging system with enough current to support the audio setup along with the other necessary electronics of the vehicle. Stinger, HO Alternators, and Iraggi all make good high output alternators for car audio systems.