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Default Emissions/Evap error code

Hi. I just bought my 2008 scion tc from a non scion dealer about 4-5 weeks ago.
but the other day i had an check engine light come on and i had it checked out at autozone. i forgot the exact code but the guy working told me i need a new gas gap.
so a few days passed and i got a new one from pep boys. a non OEM gas cap. i put it on and turned the car on. the check engine light was still on. i went back in and the pep boys guy said i need to drive at least 40 miles to have the computer recognize the new cap. so i drove 50 miles and the check engine light is still on.
another forum i read said i should try taking my gas cap off for a short time and then put it on and drive 10/15 miles. i did.
still check engine light. and even after i nearly filled the tank still had the light.

can anyone help me? someone told me with newer cars the gas cap sometimes wont work unless its OEM. and i really dont know what to do since the cars under warranty.
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Unplug the cable from your negative terminal on the battery for 5 minutes and put it back on. This will reset the ECU which should then recognize the new cap hopefully and the CEL should go off. If it comes back, you have an evap leak somewhere else.
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unfortunately, with evap components, the warranty is only 3 years/36k miles. Stussy is correct though, you need to reset the ECM's memory so it "forgets" about the code
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what you should do is have the code scanned again and have it properly tested for an evap leak. autozone or "bonerzone" as i call it is programed to sell certain item to certain DTC's.. you could have a completely different problem than what the autozone guy is telling you it is...

have the code checked again and repost...

clearing the check engine light will only turn the light off for a while until the conditions are right to run the evap monitor again...
it is what it is...
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