2019 Toyota Supra Runs the Hill at Goodwood Festival of Speed!

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Toyota Supra sings an unmistakably six-cylinder sound at Goodwood.

Last week news came out via twitter, of all places, that the new Toyota Supra would showcase it’s moves at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Well, it is now seven days later and the Supra floodgates have opened.

Unfortunately, just as Road & Track reported, this ‘A90’ Supra is still wearing the annoying camouflage as it makes the run up the hill. Kind of an odd way to ‘reveal’ a car, as Toyota claimed they would, but, hey, anything is more than nothing. Fortunately, it’s still more than enough to confirm several important details about the new Supra.

First up are the looks, the digital camo look can’t mask the aggressive gaping maw on this Supra. This F1 nosecone-inspired look is taken directly from the gorgeous FT-1 concept car. The side profile is interesting, and aggressive, featuring scalloped curvy lines and bubbly fenders. From there, it’s worth mentioning that only thing shorter than the overhangs on the new Supra is the wheelbase. The production car seems noticeably shorter, and more compact, than the FT-1.

Scionlife.com 2019 Toyota Supra Goodwood Festival of Speed

Now, we have to talk about the sound. After much speculation, the exhaust note confirms that six-cylinder power is returning alongside the new Toyota Supra. Rumors about the BMW straight-six turbo powertrain seem to check out after hearing the new Supra. Anyone familiar with the current crop of turbo BMW engines will recognize the sound. That’s definitely a husky straight-six sound.

The MKV Supra seems to carry the tradition of Supras previous. Time will tell, and as the camo comes off, whether the A90 Supra lives up to the hype. More news as we get it from across the pond.

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