9,200 RPM of 20V AE86 Fury

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Respect your elders: this AE86 can out-drift it’s GT86 grandson.

This video comes to us from the DriftWorks YouTube channel, a criminally underrated channel. This time, the DriftWorks team give us a build break down on this red AE86 Levin. The spec sheet is long, and loaded with great parts, too. Let’s talk about it.

The AE86 is the lightweight, rear-wheel drive Toyota that inspired the current GT86, FR-S, BRZ, or whatever you want to call it.

Here is what makes it tick:

20v blacktop Motor with OMEX 500 ECU and OMEX Race Loom. 189hp. Light port to head and casting marks removed, Toda 304 9.2mm lift cams, Toda valve springs, Toda Cam Gears, cometic 0.6mm MLS head gasket, OEM head bolts, block skimmed, AE111 11.5:1 piston, new rings, steel Conrods, 42mm crank, ACL bearings, ARP hardware, May Motorsport water relocation kit, Raw engineering crank pulley, Driftworks Oil Cooler Kit with Mocal thermostatic sandwich plate. Port matched AE111 throttle bodies, port matched Apexi 4-1 manifold. Tomei titanium exhaust system (less than 4kg).

Drive train: Quaife type 9 straight cut gearbox, rose jointed shifter, ledwidth adaptor plate, AE92 212 cover and flywheel, 2litre pinto clutch plate, one piece propshaft, M-Factory 5.3 ring and pinion, cosworth rally Differential Oil Cooler with AN6 lines, modified axle housing with 240 micron filter in Feed tube (AN6 weld on fitting), surgeflow pump, Racetech Oil Temp gauge with sender in axle.

Wheels: Volk Racing Rays TE37 14×7 ET0 in Bronze with Advan A048 front.

Suspension: TRD Blue Short Stroke Dampers, with Swift 060/065 springs F/R (the best available), coilover front with Cusco top mounts, T3 NCRCA, Retro speed shop 20mm extended FLCA (poly-bushed), retro speed shop extended outer track rod arms, Heyman knuckles, Grp4 tension rods & brackets. TRD front ARB, Cusco rear ARB with polybush drop links, Traction brackets, Cusco 4 links, Grp4 rose jointed panhard rod

Bodywork & Chassis: Goodline bonnet, TRD wing, flared arches, whiteline rear lights, late spec fog lights, east bear mirrors. Bronze polycarb windows, full spot welded chassis, engine bay and interior restoration in custom colour, 30l fuel cell, fuel cooler, custom boot floor to accommodate. Chassis is as light as can be, all un-used brackets removed, doors gutted etc. Engine lowered 10mm. Cusco/Safety21 cage (with added door and harness bar), nardi classic wheel, corbeau club sport bucket seat, bride rail, luke harness, light weight wiring loom, OEM dash and centre console, otherwise stripped. Racetech oil pressure, oil temp and water temp gauges.

Sounds pretty serious in such a compact, lightweight package. Check out the video for context. This little Levin looks good with its gloss red paint job. It’s a great take on the J-style aesthetic that older Japanese cars wear so well.

Jake Stumph is the Content Editor who runs Scion Life, and several other Internet Brands Automotive websites. He enjoys track days, drifting, and autocross, at least, when his cars are running right.

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