Toyota’s New Dynamic Force Engine is Super Efficient

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Increased thermal efficiency and improved low end torque are all a part of the Toyota Dynamic Force engine package.

We have covered the new Toyota Dynamic Force engines before. These super efficient four-cylinder engines utilize cutting edge engine assembly practices to improve efficiency. Now, it seems that Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained has also noticed Toyota’s tech fest engine.

Fenske notes the big selling points of the Dynamic Force engine, much like we did. Namely, he talks about the intake port design and intake valve angle, which improve fuel scavenging, swirl and tumble effect. This improves the combustion process. Further, Fenske talks about the power and torque delivery of the Dynamic Force four-cylinder, which, despite being naturally-aspirated, offers incredible low down torque. Toyota M20A-FKS Engine 2019 Toyota Corolla News

It’s an impressive engine design, and we can’t wait to get behind the wheel soon.

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