GT-R Engine Swapped Toyota 86 Makes Big Power, Shoots Flames

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As far as crazy engine swaps go this Toyota ‘WTF86’ may just take the cake.

The WTF86 has been the long-going project car of YouTube channel Street FX Motorsport TV. The premise is simple: take a small, lightweight, rear-wheel drive platform, like the Toyota 86, and jam in a monster engine. Of course, while the premise may be simple, the route taken was far from it. Built by GT Auto Garage, the team decided to swap in a VR38DETT engine from an R35 Nissan GT-R. With 500+ horsepower on tap (depending which year GT-R the donor engine was plucked from), driving this swapped GT86 isn’t for the faint of heart. But this is not a stock VR38DETT.

The team at GT Auto did a full motor build, punching the engine out from 3.8L to 4.1L, upgraded turbochargers, and a full flurry of supporting modifications. After messing around the electronic boost control on the dyno, it was time to see what this combination of hell and fury could do. The result: 932 horsepower to the tires, and a broken dyno. Apparently the rollers couldn’t handle the back to back tuning runs with 900+ horsepower.

After letting the dyno cool down, the team went back it with the boost set to kill mode. The final result, after boost issues, and dyno issues was 1,105 horsepower. The celebrate, they tested the car’s launch control and anti-lag set up. Listening to monster turbos spool up, and flames shoot from the exhaust is mega. GT-R Scion Toyota GT86 86 VR38DETT Engine Swap WTF86

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