Fantastic Scion FR-S Ad Shows How Not to Sell a Car

By - Scion FRS FR-S For Sale Ad

Out of focus Scion FR-S is everything wrong with selling cars online.

When doing automotive window shopping, what catches your eye more, nice, well-taken photos, or blurry, terrible ones? If you’re me, it’s the latter. I’m so intrigued by people asking tens of thousands of dollars for something and then not bothering to spend more than 15 seconds taking pictures to advertise for your dollars.┬áTo be fair, at least one of the images is focused correctly, though it is horribly cropped and only shows the odometer.

Really though, how does this happen?

This FR-S is for sale at a dealership, an establish whose sole purpose is to sell vehicles. Yet, not only can they barely manage to get the entire car in the picture, but all of the images are blurry. The generic sales pitch in the ad is hilariously dated, still alluding to the existence of the Scion brand. It also seems a bit silly to refer to the original MSRP as being so inexpensive when trying to sell a used car three years and 30,000 miles down the line for only a few thousand off the sticker price. It takes effort to be this bad at selling cars.

I actually have a theory about this ad. Maybe the person who took the pictures actually wants this FR-S, so they intentionally sabotaged the sale by taking terrible pictures. Or maybe they just don’t know how to use a cell phone camera.


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