Scion xB Ute Exists: Likely the Best Scion Ever

By - Scion xB Ute Spotted!

This Scion xB Ute offers real appeal to the youth of today.

Scion was, front its outset, designed to appeal to, and bring in young people to the Toyota brand. They seemed to have missed the mark, but this modified Scion xB hits the spot just right. Specifically, this xB appeals to a certain youth: me. I want a Scion Ute in my life like you wouldn’t believe. Do you know how many tires I could stack in this bad boy on the way to drift events? A boy can dream.

I wish we had more information about this Ute conversion Scion xB but details on this particular car are scarce. It popped up on imgur earlier today. However, I have now stumbled down the rabbit hole of Scion xB’s that have been modified into Utes and trucks. That so many have hacked up their xB’s is deeply pleasurable to me, for inexplicable reasons.

It’s alright that I don’t have the particulars of this build, I don’t care. I just know that I need one, like now. Have sawzall, will Ute-ify Scion’s brave little toaster.

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