Slip and Slide in the Snow with the 2017 Toyota 86

By - Toyota 86 GT86 86 slip and slide snow drift

As more snow falls, more fun can be had with the sideways Toyota 86.

Winding RoadĀ Magazine is the enthusiasts’ resource for motorsport events, coverage and need-to-know details. They also do some pretty fun reviews. So, what do they think about the 2017 Toyota 86? Fortunately for them, their 86 press car arrived just in time for a snow storm.

Winding Road isn’t afraid to push cars hard and slide them around. The 86 loves being sideways, so it’s a match made in heaven. Additionally, said sliding is made even easier with the addition of snow. After doing a good amount of the slip-and-slide stuff, a real review does manage to sneak into the video. This may be the first review I have actually come across of the 86 as a road car in real world conditions. Not everyone who drives these cars lives in a year-round warm climate. How livable is the 86 when it’s being wheeled through the snow and slush? Find out:

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