Toyota Coupes, Sedans and Hatchbacks of the L.A. Auto Show (Gallery)

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All eyes were on the all-new 2018 Camry, but updates on all Toyotas this year.

Click on those images above and check out the all-new 2018 Toyota Camry for yourself. This is the first time the words “Camry” and “desirable” are appearing in the same sentence unironically. This thing is a looker!

Of course, Toyota is more than just a proprietor of Camrys. They also sell larger sedans, like the Avalon, which I had forgotten existed. Geriatrics rejoice, it still exists, and is due for a major update.

Then there was the GT86, or, I guess, just the 86 now. For some reason, Toyota didn’t bring out a fully loaded Performance Package car, but this still looks sharp with the new wheels.

Then there were hatchbacks. So many hatchbacks! Now, if you’re only counting the Yaris and Corolla iM, then hold your horses, because we have a lot more hatchback content right here. Don’t mind the mild lift kit and plastic fender flares, that’s a hatchback, even if the PR team doesn’t want to admit it.

And then there was the Prius. Green movement-conscious Los Angeles is Prius country, so, naturally the brand brought out a range of hybrid, electric, and even Hydrogen-powered Toyotas to the auto show.

Looking for an SUV, truck or minivan? Then here is the what you need to see from the L.A. auto show.

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