Toyota Supra to Get Four Cylinder Turbo Engine

By - 2019 Toyota Supra Goodwood Festival of Speed

Supra news continues to be unveiled, we now know the engine choices!

It’s been a wild past two weeks for the Toyota Supra. Two weeks ago, Toyota of Europe let it slip that the new Supra, dubbed A90, would appear at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Following that, the A90 Supra ended up making it’s ‘debut’ by running the hill. But the lack of fanfare didn’t sit well with fans. Fortunately, after that, Toyota parked the camouflaged Supra in the paddock and Goodwood. When pictures of the parked Supra leaked, we did some digging and found a lot of BMW part numbers associated with the car.

Now, as Road & Track reports, we know for certain which engines will power the A90 Supra. R&T has sourced a document from ZF, the transmission supplier for the new Supra, indicating that the brand’s “ZF-8HP51′ 8-speed automatic transmission will be coupled to a 2.0L four-cylinder engine and a 3.0L six-cylinder engine.

The four-cylinder has the engine code ‘B48B20,’ which is a pre-existing BMW engine. It is denoted as producing 265 PS, or 262 horsepower, in Supra form. For perspective, at present, the most powerful iteration of this engine produces 255 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque in the BMW 630i. Some rough math says the Supra-tuned version will make about as much torque. Interestingly, three variants are listed here, all of which use the same engine and transmission, but with three separate production date cut-off points.

From there, two six-cylinder Supra models are mentioned. Both utilize a 340 PS (335 horsepower) version of BMW’s B58B30 turbocharged six. Again, the only difference seems to be production dates for the same ZF-8HP51 automatic transmission.

So, the Supra is set to use existing BMW powertrains, in both four- and six-cylinder versions. However, did you notice anything else interesting?

Chassis codes

Next to the name supra are two, supposed, chassis codes: GT86; J29. The GT86 is Toyota’s excellent entry-level sports cars on sale today. J29, thus far, seems to be an enigma as everyone, Toyota included, has taken to calling the new Supra chassis ‘A90.’ We’ll gloss over that for now, because we need to go back to the 86. Many people have mentioned the Supra’s small overall size and styling similarities to the current GT86. If this ZF document is to be believed, a possible next-generation 86 and the Supra may be sharing their platforms to ease development costs.

Reading between the lines, that also means that these potent turbocharged powertrains may just fit in the smaller 86 with a bit of dedication. All eyes continue to be on Toyota as news continues to break. If you haven’t already, head over to Road & Track and see what you think about this latest development.

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