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Default Minor rear end collision--likely internal damage?

Yesterday I was rear-ended in my 2013 Scion iQ on the highway--traffic came to a sudden standstill, I stopped in time to not hit the person in front of me, the guy behind me in a Honda Civic didn't. Because he was decelerating I'd guess he was going under 25 when he hit me. The impact was a dull thud, not a sharp crash, and 23 hours later, my neck and back are just fine, so I wasn't flung around. In today's daylight, I can see that the screws of his license plate holder left imprints on my rear bumper, and there's a very small scrape near my license plate. Lights and hatchback door work fine. I'm going to make an appointment with my local auto body shop to check it out, but my question is--

How likely is a fairly minor bump to have caused interior damage to the crash box, and how expensive a repair job does that tend to be?

And I guess I have a second question--if the crash box is fine, can anyone recommend any kind of paint or paste to touch up the marks on my bumper? Color is Pacific Ocean.

Thanks so much...
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Glad to hear you are alright. It's always a scary thing to be hit from behind.

From your description it sounds as if you only had minor cosmetic damage, nothing major.

If the person who hit you had insurance it would be worth it to have the body shop repaint the entire rear end so you don't have paint matching issues. The Ocean Blue color can be hard to touch up as are most of Toyota's pear based colors.

If you decide to do it yourself there is a company on line, paintscratch.com that sells all the Toyota colors and offers very good instructions for doing the touch up yourself.
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