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Scion tC Manual Transmission Problem

Old 04-02-2011, 06:34 PM
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So, I've had this exact same transmission problem (grinding into gears) as alot of other tC owners, TWICE before with my manual transmission. It's an '08 tC, and the first two times it was covered under warranty, no issues. I'm now experiencing it AGAIN for the third time! This time it's grinding while downshifting from 5th to 4th, so before my gear went out all together (like it has previously) I took it back into the dealership. My car currently has roughly 72k on it, but the transmission is still under warranty due to the fact that the transmission was replaced under warranty within a yr ago. Suddenly, Toyota is telling me that this issue ISN'T covered under warranty, and that it's 'abuse' on my transmission.... for the EXACT same issue as they covered for me twice before at the SAME dealership... I've already contacted Toyota corporate, and they're no help whatsoever (my car has been in the shop for over a month now with NOTHING done to it), so I'm preparing to resort to legal action. Does anybody happen to have any statistics or anything regarding how common or how often this problem occurs? I know I've definitely seen posts on these forums with owners who've gone through 3 transmissions all under warranty. HELP!
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Old 04-25-2011, 01:48 AM
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I have an 07 tc with 66k miles and I grind into 5th a fair amount and reverse is temperamental at times... I think I may have to replace a snycro soon which will suck cause I'm not under warranty.
As a side note though... I did break a shifter cable and had to replace it recently... Anyone have any thoughts on this?? The car is fairly new and in my opinion this shouldnt happen this soon if at all....
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I have the same problem, 1st gear is very low and the 1-2 change is never smooth. I wished Toyota had placed higher gear ratios especially 5th gear..
Regards the harsh gear changing (jumping like a frog) I am looking at harder engine mounts

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Luckilly our trannies are cheap. I have 2 in my garage, 4th and 5th gear can be a PITA. I bust my 5th gear up something fierce - wouldnt stay in gear at all, turns it it destroyed all the splines on the collar. I changed 5th gear on it with the tranny on the car - its easy, took like 2 hrs - I just swapped a 5th gear from one of the trannies that has a busted diff. If you need a tranny you can get an E350 for $150-250 ish. Want longer gears? Im about to put an E351 in mine - should bolt right up and it has a 3.90 final drive instead of a 4.22
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197,205 miles on my '05 tC and I just lost the transmission in my driveway. Good place.
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I got an 07 with 94,000 miles. My issue with grinding is mild. When shifting gears I have this small little hangup when crossing over from one gear to another. Sometimes double clutching fixes it other times driving slow does. A friend of mine mention it might be the slave cylinder causing it. Im gonna change the oem fluid with Mobil1 75w-90 and pray for a miracle. If that fails I'm going to inspect the clutch system further.
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Default HELP!!!!

I just purchased an 06 TC about a month ago (I just made my first payment) ... Its manual transmisson with 106,000 miles .....

lastnight i was driving and came to a stop light, had it neutral, then went to put it into first and i had to like FORCE it .. switching gears was extremely hard .. Also, the car doesnt want to go into reverse at all, Ill try putting it into reverse and the RPMS will start to rise
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how did the cluch pedal feel? Check your slave cylinder first and confirm it is operating correctly, it is bled and has sufficient fluid. If everything is good there, then looks like youre in for a cluch job.
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Default 06 tc and same issue 5th Shaking

Originally Posted by rosedaleny806 View Post
yea the Tc tranny feels weird to me 1 to 2 isnt smooth if i gun it and same wit 2 to 3 but if u drive decently like ur grandmother would then its smooth sailing but grinding from 4th to 5th is weird? ive actually noticed that when im driving on 5th gear my shifter kinda moves a tiny bit when i tap the gas or even let go of the gas not like a crazy jerk but i feel the shifter move while im in 5th. does any1 else feel that ?
My 06 Scion tC does the same thing in 5th gear. Every time I let off the gas or press it while in 5th the shifter will move a little bit and while I'm holding on the gas the shifter seems to have a slight shake or vibrate to it.
I also have to drive like my grandmother for it to be a smooth ride. But now it seems to have gotten worse though. From 1st to 5th when I press on the gas at any time it will sometimes over rev as if the clutch didn't properly disengage or it is t fully shifted into the gear. This happens more the harder I press on the gas.
Every other time I try to shift into reverse it won't work until I start to left off the clutch and right when I've almost released the clutch and I've let off the brake it will then shift.
I don't have a lot of experience when it comes to repairing cars but I do have some basic knowledge. It seems to me that all 3 of these issues appear to be related.
I just did an oil change and checked all the fluids. They are all full. Any suggestions? My husband has to work all week and I fear that if I don't resolve with a low cost repair then he may blow the transmission or clutch and we will end up with an unaffordable repair. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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