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theWetSheep 04-04-2019 04:50 PM

Car not starting after Turbo..Help!
Hi guys. I recently saw an older thread on here about using the TRD reflash with a small turbo and decided to try it out. Im running a TRD ECU with 440cc fuel injectors IND 42.50MM EXD 60mm Trim 50.17 turbo (it is an eBay kit, I know I know don't buy eBay I've had the lecture before).
I only have the waste gate set to 5psi so I assume this would be a safe setup. However I got everything installed and decided to take it around the block, it rode fine no CEL or other lights, (I did have a very slight oil leak around the oil drain bung that I need to fix) but when I stopped
at a light the car stalled and would no longer start, crank but no start, any ideas?

Would I be better off running the stock ECU and injectors since the turbo is such low boost? I've read the old stage 0 kits ran with with fuel upgrades and that is sort of the kit I'm trying to emulate.

Any help is much appreciated.


etoomey3 04-09-2019 01:21 PM

I've ran a Scion tC with a turbonetics kit with 440cc injectors, on a stock ECU. I couldn't get anyone locally to tune the Unichip it came with. I ran a stock ECU with the turbo kit for a few months until I got my e-manage ultimate & got it tuned. There are some drive-ability problems with the stock ECU + turbo. The idles suffers, and between shifts suffers, but A/F readings were fine, and the car seemed to run well.

theWetSheep 04-15-2019 09:14 PM

You ran a stock ECU as in non TRD reflash right?

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