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Default First 2 weeks with the New Pioneer AV-8400BH

I recently purchased the new Pioneer AV-8400BH from crutchfield.
As always crutchfield sales and tech support are the gold standard by which all others are judged. But back to the headunit.
There are a few negatives but overall i would say i am very happy with the unit here is the list of things i liked
#1- It is a beautiful head unit both in the dash and how the screen looks.
#2-It is reasonably fast switching app to app and source to source
#3-The iphone controls/interface is PEERLESS. Simply amazing. not only do you get the basic beautiful itunes/iphone screen but you also get the car media app from pioneer which is FANTASTIC.
#4- MOTION X ROCKS!!!!! and you can even buy a upgrade to have FULL functionality on the pioneer head unit
#5- The Pandora interface is wonderful
#6- The sound quality off the head unit is much better than i expected. Currently i do not have an interior which is part of my huge audio build which you can see here, However i hooked up the head unit to just my one set of components and i must say not bad for a head unit SQ wise.
#7-FINALLY a glove box sized manual, IN ENGLISH in ONE manual!!
#8-Not one but TWO usb ports in rear

Ok so onto the negatives
#1- the safety parking is BULL____!!!!! half the functionality is shot unless your parked. literally the navigation kept shutting off when i released the parking break. i understand safety but they took it too far. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND a bypass device. i bought this one for 19.95 and it works GREAT! Parking Brake Override Bypass Fully Automatic Video in Motion Pioneer Custom for AVH-P8400BH Better then PAC TR7: Electronics
#2-The stupid fraking %&$#&^#&*^&%[email protected]%[email protected]&#@^%#%^%#%[email protected]#%[email protected]^ iphone cable is MASSIVE. now i too did not believe the reviews but it not only is 70 fraking dollars but its ugly and so heavy and thick that is actually sags when locked into the socket. and even with a fraking 70..00 cable the ugly ___ usb stubby needs to be extended and the connection of the extension is soooo loose i had to use electrical tape to keep it connected... BOOOOHHHHHH pioneer on the worst cable EVER!!
#3-Last but not least SIRIUS listeners BEWARE. PIONEER HATES YOU!!!. they only give you one TINY line of crappy info text with a hiddeous stupid "i" smack dab in the middle of the screen that you need binoculars to find...SO you make it impossible to use nav while not parked but you will make me squint at one line of crappy text while i am driving but you will give XM people 3 lines.^&$^%$&^$&%#&^#$%$U% FU pioneer!!
Here are some pics rather than looking at catalog images
this is the sirius screen that caused my rant

this is the home screen

And the pandora screen.

and the ipod screen the main one not the car media app

and a pic of the bag showing all the inputs. they did a nice job input wise this thing can take anything

and finally the saving grace of the setup the bypass module

that can be purchased at this link and works great!
Amazon Amazon
as requested here are some other shots. sorry about the quality of the shots for some reason photos on my friends iphone are nowhere near the quality of mine.....
ok here is a shot of the ipod car media app

ok here is a shot of the advanced app radio home screen

the motion X app map screen

the INTRAX map screen

the PHOTOS app for viewing the photos on your iphone

the INTRAX traffic incident reporting app

the XTRA MILE app

the RDIO app

the sound equalizer screen

the netflix app at work
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I have the 4400BH and love it... Only problem is I can't get the MotionX app to show up on the screen with my iPhone 4... I am using a regular Apple iPod cable, the white one, do I really need to buy the Pioneer cable to get it to work correctly?
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