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Hello all, I figured I'd post up an introduction here since I just joined. I bought an '06 tC about three weeks ago and have been doing just basic maintenance/tune-up stuff when I get the chance on Tuesdays. So far she has been doing well. Her idle is a little rough (pretty much any rpm below 1k and when letting off the throttle from 1500 down to 1000 as well. After changing the oil and throwing in a K&amp;N filter, there was no change; however, there seemed to be a minor improvement after today's minor tune up (fuel injector cleaner, using MAF cleaner here and there, and changing the spark plugs. I here the early tC's have tendency to have an issue with the head-gasket (something to do with the head bolts themselves I believe) but otherwise I do not see any other signs of head-gasket issues, so for now I am content to leave the idle issue be for now.<br /><br />Near future goals for her...Mainly suspension and brakes, maybe a cat-back exhaust and new cat (I noticed a rattle today near the center of the car, so I am assuming I'll need a cat...or maybe just a test pipe, but having a test pipe is a little scary here in CA). As far as cat-back goes, I have no idea what I will want to go with, I'll have to do my research on options (maybe even just have a local muffler shop pipe me a custom one). Brakes-wise, I will be ordering in some rotors from R1 Concepts (I had a set from them on my Subaru SVX and loved them) and throwing on some basic ceramic pads. Suspension-wise, I am right now torn between Tein Street Basics (just to get some okay coilovers for cheap) or shell out the money for BC Racing BR's with the Swift springs upgrade. If I decide to go the BC route, then I will need some help from the community here on what other upgrades would be recommended (such as rear sway bar, Adjustable control arms, which bearing should be checked and/or replaced, etc). Oh and tires...I will likely just keep the rims stock for now, but throw on some decent summer tires (likely BFG Sport Comp 2 or Yokohama Advan).<br /><br />Goals for farther down the line...Likely a turbo kit and some engine internal work. Nothing too serious, just to get some fun power out her. I do like the 2AZFE engine, but for my driving style I would like some more power on the top end of things. Along with the added power, I would love some bigger brakes as well, so I likely either invest in a BBK or put one together using already established kits as a guideline. I know a 6 and 4 pot setup would be overkill, but I will also be doing for the looks as well...So then I will invest in a good set of Volks or BBS rims and really be picky with my tires and brake pads. From there I'll be adding in other suspension components (top quality sway bars, upgrading to better coilovers [Unless I went with the BC's and Swift combo to begin with], strut bars, weight reduction, etc). Then from there, It will be a matter or decided how long I want to keep the car and what I want to use it as.<br /><br />For now she is just my DD, who is going to be slowly modded to suit my wants and needs...Even in the end she will likely never see any too serious mods. I don't plan to autocross her or anything, and I would likely put my money and time into a different project when it came to more serious builds.<br /><br />As for other toys and projects that I have...I actually have been getting rid of quite a few. I am down to just an Off-Road explorer that I will likely just give to my friend by the end of the month. I technically still have a AE86 project...Years ago, I started taking her apart and accumulating parts to run a manual conversion and a 4AGE 20valve drop in her, but at some points I ran out of time to continue it and others I ran out money to continue (and sometimes It was a combination of both!)...So now she is in a friends possession who actually has the time and the know-how (well his father and grandfather have the know-how) to finish the build. I recently got rid of a S12 (200SX SE) project. I really loved the V6 S12's due to their unique nature and how they fit in automotive history, but when the engine went out in her, I didn't have the funds for a rebuild or swap, so I had it sit for awhile and then finally traded her to a friend. Other past cars of note would have been my Subaru SVX that was totaled from a hit and run driver who ran a red light and t-boned the front end, and then my old Jetta GLX with a VR6 engine...I bought the Jetta used and already modded with pretty much every suspension and handling mod possible. I live at the foothills of the San Bernardino mountains, and one of my favorite things to do was to drive up and down the hill every now and then, and try to shave a minute off my last run. My nicest toy ever had to be my 2006 Infiniti G35x. She was brand new, but not even a month after buying her I took her in to get just about everything Stillen had to offer in the way of power-gains (well everything that was CARB legal at least)...I wrecked her rain sadly. I still have my coolest toy though...A 1938 Chevy pickup that was muscled out by my father, uncle and grandfather. She has a 1st gen Camaro front sub-frame with a 350 and turbo 350 pulled out of a 2nd gen Chevelle. The tranny went out on her a couple of months ago and just havent had the time to rebuild it or look for a replacement. Once I finish with the short term goals on my tC, the '38 will take priority so I can get her up and running good and rewire all of the lighting.
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