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Who is left on here with an xA?

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Originally Posted by JMD83 View Post
Still here, 212,000 miles and counting.
Still still here. Odometer up to 217,300+ currently.
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Originally Posted by mdtjr View Post
We still have our 06 Xa. with 37,110 miles.
You must hardly drive it. I'm jelly. Mine is my baby but a workhorse and we're at the 176k mark atm. Never had any huge issues either.
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Old 01-21-2018, 05:57 PM
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Default Still here...

Just passed 110,000 miles. been good to me for 9 years..only issues has been VSV wire breaking and crank pulley pin shearing.

Just did water pump, thermostat, coolant, belts, spark plugs, cleaned aFe filter and air mass sensor, oil/filter change, atf fluid and filter. Also got new touchscreen, wheels, tires, rear spacers
and finished converting bulbs to LED including adding foot well courtesy lights and steering wheel controls that took me about 5 years to get around to .

For anyone that has the OEM armrest that has faded to a ugly brown, I highly recommend spraying it with black fabric paint bought at a craft store! drastically restores the look of the interior.
Color is bold, dries quick and doesn't transfer. I tried dying with Rit Dye and it had no effect.

I plan on keeping my car till he dies! Long live the goofy Scion xA's!

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Joined a while ago but haven't been on the site til now. 05 xA automatic with about 15,000 miles. Bought late last year for my son to drive as his first car. Old guy owned and was parked for a while. Still have new car smell but looks like it went through a lot. Almost every panel has a ding or scratch and paint was pretty faded. Brought it back to look pretty decent. Thinking of autocrossing it this coming season so my son can gain some experience.
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Old 06-01-2018, 05:43 PM
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We have a hand me down 04 xA. It's been in the family since new. 120K and the clutch is slipping. Anyone replaced a clutch on an xA? I've done a lot of work on cars but never a clutch.

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Anyone replaced a clutch on an xA?


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162,000 miles and counting! I love this car! I wish I could find a repair manual though.
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Old 06-14-2018, 06:37 AM
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Default Scion xA needs help

I still own a Scion xA, 2006. I love this car but it has developed a big problem. After parking for awhile and then restarting the engine, I cannot shift into gear at all. At the same time all the power units do not work...AC, windows, door locks, etc.
I had to get it towed to a Toyota shop. But all their tests reveal nothing wrong! It has happened again while they test drove it and stopped for awhile. They still cannot figure it out. They managed to get it going and shift into gear after restarting it.
I am reading a lot of things about ECUs and ECMs. Can something like that cause this problem? I can't stand the thought of having to buy another car, esp. since they don't even make Scions anymore.

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I wanted to chime in on this thread! We just added a 2004 xA to our driveway about a month ago. 87k on the odometer. Shows some wear, but we all love it! Bought a few easy accessories, made a few easy repairs, and this little thing's a go-er!
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Old 10-04-2018, 01:25 PM
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I picked up an 05 with 145,000 miles and modifications.
I'm in the process of restoring it and returning it to stock.
I plan to use it for a work commuter.
The miles don't scare me as I would not hesitate to drop in a remanufactured engine when this one dies.
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LeadfootLarry6 and ScionchickDanielle are still here with our 04 xA, 232K on it and still putting around.


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Still here with my '05 xA at 115,000+ miles. Replaced brakes, muffler and usual maintenance.
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'06 xA, about 147K miles. Doing just fine, just replaced a few noisy belts recently.
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103k original owner! This is by far the best car Iíve ever owned!
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06 xA just turned 170,000 miles yesterday...
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2005 purchased new. Now 111K miles.

Replaced exhaust pipe and muffler. Still kind of noisy (squeals mainly).

Replaced charcoal canister, vent solenoid valve. Gas pumps shut off on rare occasion.

Have water leaking in right rear door.

Still happy with the car and plan to drive it until too costly to fix.
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Just bought one to pull behind the motor home -2006 with 128k mikes. Great little car
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I have a 2005 xA with 210,000 miles on it that I bought new. I think I have done 5 front brake jobs, 2 rear break jobs, a front brake line on the drivers side, front wheel bearings twice, rear wheel bearings twice, Exhaust from behind the CAT twice, and the EVAP canister, the factory battery lasted until December of 2017. Tonight I will be replacing the VVT-i oil control valve and filter weather permitting. I miss the factory battery the most because when I would bring it in to the dealership for service and tell them not to load test the battery because it was the factory battery they would tell me that was not possible, and the previous owner must have changed it, they were always shocked when I told them nope, it is a one owner car.
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