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Scion xB Classic..How is yours holding up?

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Question Scion xB Classic..How is yours holding up?

I bought my 2005 xB in 2006 with 27,500 miles on it. Now has 148,000. Outside of regular maintenance items such as oil changes, tires, brakes, belts, plugs, I have had list of items fail.
I like to know how your xB has held up?

Water pump 2 times, 2010, 2014 - leaking from shaft, replaced it myself
Radiator, 2010 - small hole in front leaking coolant, replaced it myself
Struts, 2011 - worn out, replaced it myself
Shocks, 2011 - worn out, leaking, replaced it myself
AC Evaporator, 2011 - small holes leaked out all Freon, paid shop $785 part/labor
Factory CD/Radio, 2012 - CD player died, replaced it myself with aftermarket unit
Back door garnish, 2012 - broke off, bought aftermarket, Toyota reimbursed me the full cost of part, replaced it myself
AC Blower motor, 2013 - loud noise, then quit spinning, replaced it myself
Door lock actuator (drivers door), 2013 - motor died, would not activate, replaced it myself
Front door speakers, 2013 - surround foam dry rotted, replaced it myself
AC compressor, 2015 - very low output pressure, replaced it myself, drew a vac, recharged system, total cost $399.55
Drivers Door Handle Snapped Off, 2016 - ordered a new door handle with matching paint, replaced it myself
Reverse Lights Nor Working, 2016 - reverse switch mounted on manual transmission was open, replaced switch myself.
Spiral Cable Clock 2017 - horrible noise when turning steering wheel, Airbag warning light, replaced it myself
Manual Transmission Grinding Noise, 2017 - Had clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, and manual transmission synchros replaced, total cost $900

20 March 2018, Scion xB 2005, 180,000 miles, RIP my favorite ride; you will be missed.
Someone rear ended and side swiped me while I was at a stop sign waiting for the traffic to clear. This was a "T" intersection with a right hand turn only. The other driver claimed that they thought I had gone so they lunged into traffic without looking forward to see if I had cleared the way and plowed into me. The damage to the xB was so extensive that it was declared totaled by the insurance. The other driver was cited for following too close, and inattentive driving.

The insurance company wrote me a check for $4365.99 and I handed them the title and the keys. I can't believe how heartbroken I feel about loosing my favorite ride. I tried to buy another one like it but I could not find one that was stock or in decent condition. I was in a time crunch so I ended getting a 2008 Scion xD instead but the MPG's, and the engine noise really suck. Also not many video's or how-to's available out there like with the xB on how to fix just about anything on it.

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Default project car

This is my third Scion..I bought it for my daughter. It has 118000 miles.. so..

A whole front end replacement.. still need an intermediate steering column part (after debating why I still had play in my steering wheel).. lots of new hoses, belts and connectors.
Cleaned up the electrical issues (ran a new line from the dome light and added two more manual dome lights).
A new headliner(currently out of the car but they put an after market sunroof in and the tech apparently passed full retard to potato...) Properly installed the sun roof and adjusted it
(could charge people to ride with me cause of the scenic water fall)...

So I guess it's not to bad for a $3100 first car for my daughter..well at least I got 19 months before she has a

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Default Keep on chuggin

I have 2006 xB Shadow gray mica (awesome color) I bought it when it had about 34,000 miles and now as of today it has 146,000 or something miles so its had it fun around soCal. Since I've bought its been basic maintenance, I had one Front Driver Side collision accident, I've replaced a few things because I was going for the "sporty" look. Meaning I replaced the worn out shocks/struts (after 3 years from my purchase) with Tokico performance Blues, installed an Injen IS200 Short Ram intake, installed Apexi WS2 axel-back exhaust, upgraded the wheels to 16" Konig Zero-in with Yokohama tires, inside dome light replaced with Led as well as license plate lights. I tinted the windows to limo all around. front turn signal lights were replaced with some Led Switchback lights and installed Opt7 HID Kit 5000K. But now (idk if its because I have a girlfriend with my own step kids now or what) I have switched back my intake to original stock as well as my wheels and I was thinking eventually everything back to OEM so I can trade it in for a larger (still economical) vehicle. but who knows. I do love my box but I hate that gas mileage is barely marginal (averaging about 24-25mpg combined) I can't even break over 300 miles on a full tank. Its just making weird noises now like when i go over a bump it sounds like the rotor is clanking with ...caliper maybe? idk..its annoying. and driver side window regulator or whatever dies out on me sometimes and top the back door garnish squeaks as im driving. minor things i guess but just annoying
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I bought a 2006 brand new - 5 speed. It now has 152k miles. I replaced the rear bearings and it turned out to be a bad tire. It was the only time I tried going one size up. Not saying that is what caused it, but I went back to standard size and the car is smooth and quiet.

About 10k miles ago I replaced the water pump. Replaced the belts while I was at it.

I did my first brake job at 105,000 miles. Other than that, just oil changes and tires. I use a k&E air filter so never replace that.

The car could probably use some shocks, but it drives so nice we have not bothered. The shifter still shifts like butter.
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purchased mine august 2003 with 77 miles on it. I now have 108,000 miles on it. I am just now having to replace the clutch. and one of my back doors doesn't automatically lock. nothing else wrong. Putting stock springs back on since installing air ride back in 2006.
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My 06.5 has just under 90k on it, bought new in March of '07 with 54 miles on it. I'm on my 3rd set of tires. I've gone through 2 sets of spark plugs, a set of belts and front brake pads. That's it. The factory stereo was replaced 3 or 4 years ago with a Kenwood DDX-419 HU.
It still has the factory fill of coolant, bake fluid and trans fluid.
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I have an 06 Release with 70k and other then maintenance and tires I have had only one small problem, a TPS went out of spec. The car has been a rock. I haven't seen another with the same color(Maziora Torched Penny) which I think is cool.

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Purchased new November 2004 with 25 miles on it. Now has 54K on it.

2 battery replacements.
Driver door Actuator replaced, back passenger door actuator replaced, back passenger window motor replaced.
1 set of new tires.
4 replacements of the wipers.
Back handle fixed via recall.
Cabin air filter every year.
Brakes once.

Original floor mats.
Need to replace the Scion license plate covers, they did not hold up to the years.

Saw time in NYC, Las Vegas and Los Angeles... Paint is holding up and shines.

When I bring it in, it gets treated as if it was a classic with "we rarely see one in this great of condition."

Everything works as it did when I got, now 10+ years and running.

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Got my RS2 with 3 miles on it. Now at 165k miles. Replaced water pump and alternator. Belts twice and front brakes once. Plugs twice. Still going strong.
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I bought mine in may of 2005 with 5 miles on it. Now has 267,000 miles.
besides the normal tires, oil changes i change the plugs and belts every 100.000. Only problems so far is 2 front passenger wheel bearings. going to replace the passenger rear bearing soon..
I don't baby mine, it is always driven hard and put away wet!
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2004 xB, had about 3 miles on it when I got it, now 130k.
Fixed my back handle with use of Foam crack filler.. now it's stuck like a champ. May have to redo it in a few years.. but it's hanging on tight now.
Was rear ended once which did hardly any damage to the back.. but it slammed me into a truck ahead of me.. cheap repairs are only noticeable when you look inside the engine bay.
CD player dead.. need to replace but just not sure what I want yet.
Need to replace the belt.. Front brakes I've replaced once. No other repairs.
Getting a steady 30mpg

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I still have my 2004 xB, bought it October 10th 2003 with 9 miles on it. This car has gone through a lot. Lowered it with goldlines, back to stock, went through multiple speaker setups. Back window was replaced when someone broke into it. I've never hit anyone with it but I've been hit a few times. Some old lady backed into my passenger side fender, it was replaced and some minor work to the front bumper. Went through a car wash bay and the rear bumper lip was ripped off. Teenage kids took mom and pop's car out for a joy ride and clipped the driver's side rear bumper. Had to get that replaced plus rear driver's side panel had some minor work done. And most recent I was stopped at a red light and kept some distance from the car ahead of me. My 4 year old daughter and I were just rocking to some music (Katy Perry) and BAMMM! Brand new Cadillac SRX slammed into me. When we pulled over to the side she apologized as she wasn't paying attention as she was on her phone. She was 18, college student who was lost and using her phone to find directions. Siri wasn't responding and she didn't see there was a red light and cars were stopped. Rear bumper, bumper support underneath and repair the rear panels as they were bent.

The car looks great! I wish I could have the whole car painted instead of sections. Everything works inside, pushing 140k miles and only few mods to the engine. Everything else is stock as it's just a daily driver now. 19" rims are gone, speaker system is gone, suspension addons gone. I get about 29-31 mpg.

I test drove a new xB and didn't like it. I prefer the 1st gen boxes as they were different.
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I bought my 2006 in June of that year. I just turned over 150,000 miles. So far all I have done is had the water pump replaced a couple years ago. Lots of minor scratches and one ding where somebody opened a car door on it. Also minor damage to the bumper where somebody backed into it and broke the clip. Replaced the front brakes and replaced the plugs at 100,000. I get the oil changed faithfully every 5000 miles. The CD player is starting to go. The seats look rough. I use the car for transport to my regular job and for a small piano tuning business.

I started thinking I need a new car and went out today hoping to find a decent car for around $16,000. Boy was I surprised to find that most new cars like what I would need (similar to my xB) are around $20,000!

So I plan on keeping mine till the doors fall off!
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2005 Scion white, Manual trans.
Purchased towards the end of 2004 with 11 miles on it, 9 miles of which were test miles I put on it. She now has a tad over 134k miles. She has been a rock ever since.
Upgraded: Radio, wheels, and tires.
Replaced: Belts, brakes, and maintenance fluids.
Failed: Small exhaust leak around 128k miles B#*%h to find and diagnose. The error codes were all over the map trusty mechanic found it while doing an oil change.
Back hatch broke....epoxied and it worked until I hit a pot hole. :/
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2006.5 xB purchased in Dec '06 with 6 miles on it, right now it's sitting at 74.5K

I've only replaced the usual stuff like belts, tires, brake pads, plugs, etc... The waterpump was getting a little noisey when it hit 70K so I replaced it and the thermostat along with new Toyota coolant. I've done the usual upgrades so I can't speak for how long the stock suspension or exhaust might last.

As long as you maintain these things and dont beat the hell out of them they are very reliable. It's only been to the dealer/mechanic once since I got it, that was for a transmission fluid change.

I also own a second gen xB, it's just as reliable as my '06.5.
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wife bought an '05 scion black cherry (manual! her request!) in summer of 2004 with 2 miles on it... finally got my hands on it now with 112k miles
we only put wheels on it back in the day, but here's the situation:
belts replaced 80k
clutch replaced (exedy) 100k (damn thing went out! boo!)
drivers side wheel bearing: replaced at 110k (drove it for a year on borrowed time, lol)
a/c evaporator needs replacing (i think, gonna attempt myself, lol) we have a new compressor due to wife rear ending some one at <5mph
currently completely overhauling suspension as struts have NEVER been replaced (hotchkis springs, KYB g2 shocks/struts/strut mounts, NRG strut bar, progress rear sway, energy front sway bushings)
Driver's side lock sticks really bad
passenger window barely rolls up (gotta pause, and roll, pause, and roll)
drivers rear lock does not function
passenger rear window does not function
front speakers are rotted out
6-disc CD player eats CDs as of 2010
dealer installed hatch handle a couple of years back
rear lip attachment came undone for no apparent reason. Still there, but i had to "tuck it" so now makes the lip look split in the middle. annoying!

future plans: full sound system (alpine/stealth box), security system (damn i miss keyless entry!) intake, header, crank pulley, exhaust, possible intake manifold, minor body work, and i plan to dip it either black cherry or something nice depending on how the wheels turn out in a couple weeks.

I guess other than regular maintenance it hasn't been too bad. I am religious about changing coolant every 3 years or 30k miles, so i havent had a water pump issue, but now i am scared, lol. my only gripe is the doors/windows. expensive to fix, and shouldn't happen IMO. I also had the drivers door latch come loose from the frame, but i just screwed it back in and now its fine, but not before a nice rain came through and soaked the drivers seat real nice. It's definitely a "project" but she runs good, and i hope i can keep her going at least another 10 years! I got to know my smart car very well while i had her, and i look forward to doing the same with the box!
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Default So Far So Good!

Lets see other than about 100 oil changes issues I've had

1 Alpine stereo wouldn't eject cds 85,000.
2 Headrest monitors gave out 85,000.
3 License plate bolts were rusted in place 87,500.
4 Remote start fob replaced 95000.
5 Tail lights burnt out so I replaced them all 100,000.
6 All belts replaced after slipping started 101,000.
7 Fog lights gave out 103,000.
8 Battery died 105,000.
9 Coil packs replaced about 118,000.
10 Bent front rotors not sure how but fixed 118,000.
11 Rear hatch handle finally gave out 120,000.
12 Tie down brackets had to be forcefully removed for an accessory hidahitch 126,000.

Aside from this i do the usual engine flush tire rotation fluid changes ect... as you would any other car.

Other things i should consider shortly replacing

1 Probably all suspension components.
2 Rims due to two being slightly bent.
3 Door lock actuators are on their way out.

2006 scion Xb RS3.0 126,800 miles #694 of 2200 (real production est:2130)

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Default Need TRD Supercharger!!!

Sup guys! Still running strong.

Late 2006 TCM, 5 speed, 119k. Bought brand new in late 2006.

TRD 1" drop springs.
Fujita cold air intake.
DC headers and exhaust.
eBay shims and bushings for short shifter conversion.
Chrome door handles inside and out.
JDM Toyota option HID headlights (Zenki) with leveler(leveler not wired correctly. Instructions in Japanese.)
Front and rear tower struts.
Megan H-brace (bought from group buy on Scion Life years ago).
JDM window visors
bB hubcaps (hehe).
Scion/Pioneer double din head unit T1809 w/ harness and Scosche adapter (just got iPhone 6 and music does not connect)

AC just went out. Made a loud screech then stopped working. Will need to check out.

Regular oil change at 3k intervals. Mobil 1 5w-30
Everything running good!!!
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Well, I had my 2005 BSP xB 5spd since 8/30/05. It never failed me once of its doing. Ran out of gas once but that was my fault. Never had a problem either, never changed the clutch and had just changed the factory belts. Steady diet of 5w30 mobile1 full syn and amsoil gear oil in the tranny. She ran 230666 and then met her maker. Killed by a kia with a driver on the cell phone. Kia ran a red light and hit it in the drivers front wheel at about 35-40mph. DOA, Me I walked away pretty much untouched. Felt like I had lost a member of my family. So many good times and so many trips with the family, I can't count them all. All I can say is "Love Your Box"!!!! I have been unable to find another box that has not been ragged out/mistreated. I may just bit the bullet and get a new second gen box, we'll see.
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Default 2005 XB

I replaced the alternator, belts, battery and break pads.. outside of that my ten year old horse is plugging away at 120K miles. I'm the original owner.

The caveat to that is I might have a bad ignition switch to add to the checklist this week and new shocks wouldn't hurt lol

Damn good car though...
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