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1st time xB Owner, recommendations from the experts

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Default 1st time xB Owner, recommendations from the experts

I just bought a 2015 xB with a manual transmission it has 79k miles on it I didn't get any maintenance information other than oil changes every 3 months. The seller says having problems with clutch.
I am driving it for a month now and the clutch does stick from 1st to 2nd. My question is What Recommendations can be offered for a first time buyer with no clue as to what has been done to the cars maintenance before me?

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Seems a little dead in here...

So if you have no record of service, you need to assume it hasnt been done.

Depending how mechanically inclined you are many of these things are easily done.

Here is a list of Items between 48k and 80K that they recommend be addressed. If it was me there are a few things that I think are overkill if I had owned the car since new. Being used though you need to use your discretion a bit and prioritize.


Dealer suggests;

Maintenance Service

  • Replace engine oil & filter .
  • Remove & inspect engine air filter element. 1
  • Lubricate locks, latches, & hinges.
  • Confirm lights, horn & wipers function properly.
  • Check coolant, brake, transmission & washer fluid levels.
  • Perform battery service and comprehensive electrical charging system evaluation.
  • Inspect valve clearance(audibly).
  • Inspect drive belts for damage, adjust tension if required.
  • Check steering gear box, linkage and shock absorbers for looseness, damage or leakage.
  • Inspect ball joints and dust covers, driveshaft and steering rack boots, chassis nuts & bolts for looseness or damage.
  • Remove wheel and brake drum, check pad/shoe thickness. Examine brake calipers, wheel cylinders and brake lines.
  • Inspect fuel and exhaust systems for leaks or damage.
  • Examine tires for damage and wear, check & adjust pressure (rotate if required)

Thats straight from Toyota. They also suggest Cabin Air Filter and possibly brake fluid replacement (recommended every 2 years).

If I was trying to prioritize on a budget;

- Check your fluid levels. I would have your coolant tested as we are generally moving into warmer weather in a few months.

- Top up your brake fluid if needed. Should have the proper fluid listed on the cap or on the reservoir.

- How does the oil look/smell? If it looks dirty or smells burnt or "gassy" replace it.

- Check your belts for deep cracks

- Look at the tire tread. If the rear tread is deeper than front then I would rotate. Tire wear can tell you alot. Is the wear even across the tire? How much tread left above wear bar?

- Take the wheels off and look at the brakes to see how much pad is left and if the rotors have any deep grooves or if the calipers look wet anywhere from leaking fluid. If the metal wear tab is close to the rotor you may want to put it on the list to do shortly.

-check the suspension. a quick test is to go to each corner and push down hard quickly and let go to see how quickly it returns to center. If it seems sluggish and "bouncy" then I would take it in to have it looked at.

-Lube up the door jambs, locks and hinges with a good spray lube

-Behind the glove box is the air cabin filter. Pop the latch and take it out. If its dirty they are cheap on amazon.

These are all things that are free or close to it that you may be able to do yourself. Ever in question on how to do any of this there is a ton of info out there and many legit YouTube channels that can guide you.

The more expensive thing will be the clutch. I would suggest getting it done if its starting to give you a headache. Ignoring it too long can start to cause internal issues in your transmission. Costs can very depending on where you are but I would guess at least $1,200 all in for a stock replacement. Maybe a good opportunity to upgrade since it already apart?

Sorry for the long post but this should get you started.
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Sorry for the late reply.

This is from a 2006 xB repair manual (Sorry, don't have a 2015.)

Symptom - Clutch does not disengage

Possible causes -

Clutch Pedal (Free play is out of adjustment.)
Clutch line - (Air in line.)
Master cylinder cup (Damaged)
Release cylinder cup (Damaged)
Clutch disc assembly (Out of true)
Clutch Disc Assembly (Runout is excessive)
Clutch Disc Assembly (Lining is broken)
Clutch Disc Assembly (Dirty or burned)
Clutch Disc Assembly (Lack of spline grease)

First thing I might do is check the clutch pedal free play adjustment. Then I'd check condition of the gear oil. If it stinks worse than new gear oil and or has trash in it, you're likely looking at a clutch repair. If the oil looks clean and doesn't stink much worse than new oil, I'd check for air in the clutch line. If the gear oil is clean and there's no air in the line, I'd suspect a bad clutch slave cylinder.
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These are great responses fellas and even if he didn't find any use from them I can say both of the replies you gave were very beneficial to me and a similar situation I'm in. This is the reason I come straight to these forums if I'm selling answers to problems im having with my toaster.
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