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Default Do you have to have a dealership reset the tire monitoring light for rotating ?!?!?

Got a new set of tires put on my 2012 XB. I am sure the wheels (stock) didnt get put back in the same spot and now my TPMS light is on. Called the dealership.and they said they are programmed for the wheel they are on and they will reset them for an hour labor!!
Doea that mean toyota has this set up so they need reprogrammed every rotate your tires!! If so thats a bunch of crap. Is there a way i can do this otherwise? The reset button by the column does nothing
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No, the ecu doesn't care where they are on the car. Check your pressures to make sure you do not have one tire low. If you don't, then try reseting them. There is a small button under the dash on the right side of the steering column that you press and hold for 10 secs with the ignition on to reset them. If this fails then you can take it to most major tire shops and they can relearn the sensors to the car. You don't have to take it to the dealer for learning them to the car. It is possible that one of the sensor failed or was damage when the new tires were put on so you might need a new sensor.
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newer cars have the sensors built into the wheel. check your pressures first.
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Guess you know what dealership to avoid?
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