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Scion CCX FL Quarter

Scion CCX FR Quarter

Scion CCX FL Quarter

Scion CCX FL Quarter

Scion CCX RR Quarter

Scion CCX RL Quarter

Scion CCX RL Quarter

Scion CCX Panoramic Roof Detail

Scion CCX Panoramic Roof Detail

Scion CCX Panoramic Roof Detail

Scion CCX Hatch Detail

Scion CCX Hatch Detail

Scion CCX Front Seats

Scion CCX Cockpit

Scion CCX Steering Wheel

Scion CCX Console

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Scion CCX Press Release
Toyota Unveils Youth-Oriented Ccx Concept at
2002 North-American International Auto Show

01/07/2002 Detroit

Detroit, January 7, 2002 - - Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) presented the world premiere debut of the Concept Coupe Crossover (ccX) vehicle at a press conference today at the 2002 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. The ccX is a multi-purpose concept vehicle that explores new directions in styling and versatility. It reflects the corporationís dedication to satisfying the evolving needs of younger consumers.

Aimed at individuals with active lifestyles, ccX combines the aggressive styling expected in a sporty coupe with expansive cargo-hauling capability needed for light-duty work and play.

"It is important for Toyota to raise the emotional pulse of a large global youth market," said Jim Press, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., executive vice president and COO. "The ccX is a glimpse at one direction being explored by the company to address new buyer demands. Its unique look expresses individuality. And its thoughtful approach to versatility allows the customer to decide how the vehicle fits into their lifestyle."

Designed in Japan, the ccX was built in Italy at Forum Ricerche E Progetti. The Silver exterior features strong sweeping character lines, sharp surface edges, a tall sloping roofline, and rounded front and rear contours that create an aggressive sports coupe appearance.

The roof is comprised of two large power sunroofs, each made up of four glass panels. The roof panels tilt up individually, and then slide fore and aft toward the center of the roofline, creating large openings over the entire passenger compartment and cargo area. In this configuration, the user enjoys convertible-type open air motoring, along with the added capability of carrying bulky objects in back. The vertical glass rear panel is a two-piece unit that can be retracted into the bumper and out of the way for easy access to the rear cargo area.

ccX is equipped with projector-type headlights and fog lamps with LED-type illuminated turn signals located below the headlights and also integrated into the power rear view mirrors. Convenience is addressed with a hand-sensitive door entry system that automatically opens the doors for easy entry.

On the inside, ccX features a waterproof floor, made from a combination of metal and rubber materials that includes four water drain plugs to allow for easy cleaning. The ccX accommodates four passengers comfortably with see-through bucket seats made of washable blue neoprene fabric and mesh netting. The front seats include five-point harness belts and sliding storage trays underneath. The rear seatbacks fold forward to provide ample cargo space and feature fold-up metal dividers to protect the front seatbacks from heavy or sharp-edged cargo.

The blue instrument cluster is center-dash mounted for reduced driver fatigue and better visibility. The blue theme carries through to the auxiliary illumination that runs vertically down each side of the center console, bordering a seven-inch multi-display monitor that displays DVD entertainment, navigation and audio systems. A remote control panel for the monitor and cell phone is conveniently located on the center console and is protected by a sliding acrylic blue cover. Blue LED-type lights are strewn across the front and rear roof lining to enhance the atmosphere of the performance-inspired cabin.

The rear cargo area is equipped with six hidden tie-down hooks for convenient hauling and an electric-powered removable cooler that plugs into a conveniently located 12-volt power source.

A large engine bay houses a performance-tuned 2.4-liter, dual overhead cam four-cylinder. The engine is linked to a four-speed automatic transmission. The front-wheel-drive ccX rides on 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels with 225/45/R18 tires.

"The ccX embodies a multitude of innovative solutions that enable the consumer to determine how the vehicle best suits his or her individual needs," said Press. "It reflects a new approach to future small car development at Toyota." Copyright 2009
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