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Important Technical Links (Scion xD 2008-)

service manual
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electrical guide
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parts fiche
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ScionLife Archive: Scion xD History
The Scion xD is the future replacement for the current Scion xA. The vehicle was unveiled during a special Scion enthusiast event held in Miami FL on December 15th. No photos were taken at the event, so we all continue to wait...
Scion xD

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Recently Added Scion xD Parts

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ScionLife Registry: Highest Ranked xDs

2008 xD
Silver Streak Mica
2009 xD
Custom Color
2009 xD
Custom Color
2009 xD
Custom Color
2008 xD
Custom Color
2008 xD RS01
Hot Lava
2008 xD
Magnetic Gray
2009 xD
Custom Color
2008 xD
Silver Streak Mica
2008 xD
Barcelona Red Metallic Copyright 2009
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