Why Toyota? Why? Why do you tease us so? Why do you leave all of your coolest stuff inside Japan? Seriously, do you think everyone in America are just a bunch of squares? Didn’t you ever listen to the song, It’s Hip to be a Square! We like cool stuff now bring it over! That [...]

When the likes of Toyota and Subaru came together to make a car, most of us thought that they were talking about another boring econobox. Then Akio Toyoda stepped in and showed off the GT86 concept and we were all floored. A lightweight, inexpensive, RWD coupe?! We never thought it would make production. But then [...]

When I get to SEMA, one of the first places I’m going to stop will be the Scion Booth. The Scion Tuner Challenge always results in some awesome creations, and we now have a first look at what the competitors will be bringing to the show. Speedhunters—the team I’m unapologetically pulling for—is taking influence from [...]

Last weekend, Fredric Aasbo and the Hankook Tire/Papadakis Racing Scion tC took first at Texas Motor Speedway. If FD makes a stop in your town, you should totally check it out. Even from a casual fan, these races are a hoot. But if you can’t make it out, videos like this are the next best [...]

We here all love our cars. We just happen to like low slung, quick and nimble sports cars. That doesn’t make us criminals. Or does it? According to a recent report by Insurance.com, owners of both WRX’s and the FR-S get tagged for citations almost twice more often than drivers of other cars. I came [...]