Unlike the xB, the Scion FR-S Release Series isn’t just pretty parts. Well, it’s mostly pretty parts, but there is some real performance hardware on this one. Lowering springs count, right? Scion might be calling this one the Release Series 1, but if we’re being honest, it would be better labeled the TRD edition. Let’s [...]

Scion doesn’t have any new models for the New York Autoshow, but that’s not stopping them from introducing new-ish products. Since there are no brand new Scions, they’ve been able to splurge a little bit on their release series. Color change paint, anyone? The xB Release Series 10 gets a one-of-a-kind, pearlescent, white-to-green paint job. [...]

Floral print needs to make a comeback like it has in this xB. There are simply not enough surfaces in daily, urban life covered with fake flowers. I mean, what if the VIP aesthetic was applied to more things in general? We’d live in a world with crystal knobs on everything that has knobs, curtains [...]

A funny adventure at that. These guys have been making comedy videos on Youtube to general acclaim for years now. This though, is the first time I’ve seen them use a car as the joke. I won’t spoil the comedy, but it’s a pretty amusing video. Also, Ken Gushi makes an appearance as an actor. [...]

If you are in need of financing or leasing to acquire a Scion, chances are your dealer will pair you up with Toyota Financial Services, the in-house lender for Scion, Lexus and Toyota vehicles. If you end up financing through Toyota, it’s likely you’d be paying less to borrow than you would through an outside [...]