I love the FR-S. I love it so much that I actually own one, which I will continue to pay for with my own—very real, very dear—money for the foreseeable future. It has amazing balance, great handling, and I can hoon the hell out of it all day long thanks to the limited slip diff.

Local Motors, the makers of the sublimely awesome Rally Fighter, a Baja ready racer you can build yourself, now wants to take on Toyota and Ford. The small Arizona based shop announced that after they complete their awesome idea of a complete 3-D printed car, will be moving forward and building a FR-S/Fiesta ST fighter. [...]

Toyota is slowly trying to kill me. Not by me hooning my FR-S, or having a beige mobile slam into me. No, they are trying to kill me by slowly putting pictures of their FR-S spec Rally car on their Twitter page.

I’ve never seen videos from this pair. But to be honest? Pitting the FR-S and tC against each other on these two different environments is a little like making LeBron James and Stephen Hawking battle it out in the classroom and out on the basketball court. Still fun to watch though! Check out the videos [...]

You don’t have to be Chris Rado to do Redline Time attack—though it probably doesn’t hurt if you have a crazy, double-winged, outrageously overpowered purpose-built race car to hit the track with. But if you’d ever wondered what it would look like to lap Willow Springs would look like from behind the wheel of something that [...]