While seemingly everyone in the automotive press has heaped praise on the FR-S, as a whole, Scion itself hasn’t exactly been swimming in accolades. That’s what we here in the industry call putting it mildly. So it was cool to see the Chicago Tribune’s Robert Duffer throw some kind words at the sports car’s humble stablemate, [...]

There have been plenty of folks in the automotive community who’ve stepped up to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and Rutledge Wood of Top Gear USA fame put a smoky twist on his video by using a 2JZ-powered, RWD-converted Scion xB to deliver himself to the waiting cold shower. Even before the IBC, you’ve [...]

Drifting is hard. People think they can drift and they tend to end up either in a ditch or have weirdly melded with a lightpole. Even pro drifters tend to crash their cars. So when I say drifting is hard, you get my point. That said, the guys that do it professionally are nuts, and [...]

A few weeks ago I told you about the upcoming GT86 rally car, the CS-R3. Now we have the date for its official debut, August 21st. The new rally car will take part in this year’s WRC Germany, but not compete. Because the car is still undergoing testing, the car will run the rally but [...]

Toyota Racing Development wants to build fun things. They want to build fast things. They build Baja rigs. They build NASCAR cars. They build driftmobiles. And then, also sell parts to you and me to make our cars and trucks more fun. They are my kind of people. Recently, they looked at the FR-S and [...]