I love skateboarding. I spent most of my formative years throwing myself down flights of stairs, and like to joke that kickfliping was the hardest thing I’ve ever learned how to do. So I was stoked to see that pro skater Riley Hawk—I got a picture with his dad in Spain!—is bringing a custom xB [...]

Resident Scion Hoonigan and social media extraordinaire Ryan Tuerck is back with Season 3 of Network A’s Tuerck’d! And because this is Tuerck, sliding like a crazy person and hijinks are definitely had. This season, Tuerck is driving his refreshed 2014 FR-S drift mobile and taking it all across the US. The new series starts [...]

Even outside of the annual Scion Tuner Challenge, there are always plenty of killer tCs and xBs at SEMA. Given both the band and the show have penchant for crazy customs, the pairing goes together like chocolate and peanut butter. In 2012, the FR-S was the car of the show—you couldn’t throw a rock without [...]

What do you picture of the clientele that usually buys Scion cars? Two ends of the spectrum right? Youthful and those elderly individuals that like the easy access that the xB offers right? It’s geriatrics and club rats, what I don’t picture though are fans of the thrash metal group Slayer, but for some reason [...]

I may need a new set of tires. So I’ve had my FR-S for around 9 or 10 months. I love it to death. It’s precise. It’s nimble. And it is an absolute hoonmobile! And that might be a problem. Now many miles later and many drifts and drift attempts I might need a new [...]