The Toyobaru twins have been heralded as the saviors of all enthusiast kind since it was announced and brought to production a few years ago. Now, it’s showing up everywhere. Drifters have turned in their S13’s and 240SX’s, rally guys are starting to get them, and they are showing up more and more at track [...]

When Scion was first launched, it captured the youth market pretty well. It was a stylish, and cheap alternative to the boring econo-boxes that the owners parents bought. Now, Scion is struggling to remain profitable. All those people that bought Scion’s have moved on to bigger and better cars, and a new class of owner [...]

Because the world does not have enough rally cars in it, at least in my opinion, Scion has this. A FiA spec rally xD! A few days ago I brought you a FR-S rally car, now we have more! This xD is piloted by Matthew Johnson and the Scion Racing Rally team. The team began [...]

  Around here we all know what Formula Drift is, and we all know that at present, most of the top 8 guys who finish every single race run massively stroked and boosted V8 engines.Why, because it’s easy cheap, reliable horsepower and torque that the drivers can count on making loads and loads of torque. [...]

I love the FR-S. I love it so much that I actually own one, which I will continue to pay for with my own—very real, very dear—money for the foreseeable future. It has amazing balance, great handling, and I can hoon the hell out of it all day long thanks to the limited slip diff.