Floral print needs to make a comeback like it has in this xB. There are simply not enough surfaces in daily, urban life covered with fake flowers. I mean, what if the VIP aesthetic was applied to more things in general? We’d live in a world with crystal knobs on everything that has knobs, curtains [...]

A funny adventure at that. These guys have been making comedy videos on Youtube to general acclaim for years now. This though, is the first time I’ve seen them use a car as the joke. I won’t spoil the comedy, but it’s a pretty amusing video. Also, Ken Gushi makes an appearance as an actor. [...]

If you are in need of financing or leasing to acquire a Scion, chances are your dealer will pair you up with Toyota Financial Services, the in-house lender for Scion, Lexus and Toyota vehicles. If you end up financing through Toyota, it’s likely you’d be paying less to borrow than you would through an outside [...]

The verdict is in. If you’re looking for a frugal way into a cool car, the FR-S is your best bet. At least, that’s Kelley Blue Book’s judgement. I’m inclined to agree with them. There isn’t another car in the price range that really competes with the FR-S. Heck, there are a number of sports [...]

Games that use your phone to interact with real world objects aren’t totally new, but this is the first one where a virtual activity has resulted in a real world tC. The game is called Watch Dogs Live. It’s only for smartphones, and it’s an appetizer for the near-future thriller Watch Dogs due sometime in [...]