It’s been months since Ryan Tuerck began teasing his new FR-S street missile, with small build clips popping up every so often. Now, thanks to a beautiful new video, we’re able to see it fully in the flesh, and it looks to be unbelievably dialed in.

Nissan is supposedly readying its iDX Freeflow concept for production next year. If they do, will Toyota need to revamp the FR-S to stay out on top?

Scion is in a bit of a slump as of late. Their sales are down, their lineup is stagnant, and the company’s buyer segment is aging faster than the tC. But some new cars can easily change that.

Scion’s market shares have diminished lately, which is making executives nervous. To fix this, they want to go premium with the brand, which is dumb. Here’s why…

Papadakis Racing put a Boss 302 Aluminator XS crate motor, good for 500+ horsepower, into an F-RS. And it’s the best swap we’ve seen yet.