View Full Version : Just posting up some pics of what I got and need feedback

06-12-2007, 08:23 PM
Link to pics

So far

-Removed wiper and plugged with Thomas Jefferson
-Debadged the xB
-Panasonic DVD Player
-Power Acoustik 15.1 Flipdown
-X Box 360
-Box for 10w7(the w7 comes on friday)
-Have a 500/1 but not in the pic

-Rims(Either 18's with a 40 series or a 20 with a 35 series but am unsure if I will bend the rim with the 20's)
)(I am looking at Verde Avatar for the 20's and ICW for both 18's or 20's)(

-Possiblilty of a TV; had one in my last box but am unsure if I wanna go through the hassle of buying another TV. The last one I bought sucked big time. EX. Rainbow 6 Las Vegas the pic would be brighter or get really dark really suddenly. It looked like someone kept screwing with the brightness going up and down. To make it worse it looked like it lagged.....not the 360 but TV itself. Playing Halo and it was like you were running at light speed...sigh

Everything else seems to be where it needs to be; not gonna upgrade any power or suspension parts at all I like the way it rides now but definetly needs aback-up cam and a new grille.

Anyone know if I am going to need Dynamat?[/img]

06-12-2007, 09:17 PM
Check out my 08, its in the link in my sig. I did some mods like you and some more so check and if you have any q's let me know.