Is the 2019 Toyota 86 Still Worth Buying As A Budget Sports Car?

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YouTuber wonders aloud what car enthusiasts have been asking since 2013.

This question comes to us from Forrest’s Auto Reviews, and it’s a fair point. Other than a minor power, styling and available options bump in 2017, the Toyota 86 and it’s Subaru BRZ sibling have been largely unchanged since their unveiling in 2013. Even then, people cried out that they “NEEDED MORE POWER!” However, Tada-san and the people who designed the 86 said that 200 horsepower (or 205 depending on the year), is plenty in a sub-2,700 pound, rear-drive sports car. After all, the Miata just now is cracking 180 horses.

Still, host Forrest Jones is undeterred, and digs into the details of the 86. Jones provides a very thoughtful analysis of the interior and exterior, down to the quality of the paint job, and the usefulness of the limited tech that the 86 has.

Is the 2019 Toyota 86 still worth buying?

After the guided tour, Jones hits the road in the 86, starting off with a healthy little burnout and chirp of the rear tires thanks to some quick shifting. It’s clear that Jones is pretty handy behind the wheel, and we especially liked that little catch and flick action, around the six minute mark. After all, sliding the 86 around is what it’s all about.


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Indeed, after sliding the Miata around, Jones offers his insights on the 86. The sound is…there. It’s loud in the cabin, but it’s not a particularly pleasant sound, which Jones notes as a demerit. We agree, the Subaru FA20 engine just isn’t that nice to rev out. Nor is it particularly quick, another note Jones makes.

It also does but does not directly compete with the Mazda Miata. While both are relatively inexpensive, fun to drive sports cars, ultimately, if you want the convertible, it’s not a competition, a fair point. Jones carries on, saying that the 86 is more of a focused sports car, that compromises ride comfort compared to the almighty MX-5.

That trade-off seems worth it, Jones say, because the adept handling and character of the car, which eggs you on to “beat on it,” is deeply enjoyable for a sports car. Ultimately, Jones posits that the 2019 Toyota 86 is worth buying, even now. He wraps by leaving us with a thought: if the 86 is this fun to drive, how good is the Supra going to be? Good question.

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