2020 Toyota Supra Now Available to Drive…in Gran Turismo Sport

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Can’t wait to drive the new Toyota Supra? Now you don’t have to.

Toyota USA has announced, via Twitter, that Supra fans, fanboys and haters alike, can now experience the new car and make the judgment on how it drives for themselves. Of course, the only medium with which to do this is via Gran Turismo Sport, a video game for Playstation 4.

Gran Turismo Sport has been panned for being short on content, feeling more like a test demo than a full game. However, a stream of continual online updates, which have notably buffed up the arsenal of available autos to drive, has certainly helped flesh out the game.

Toyota Supra GR in Playstation Gran Turismo Sport

While GT Sport has largely been a test bed for high end exotics and supercars, Toyota has thrown their hat into the ring with the new Supra. So, head home, download the GR Supra and let us know how it drives. Toyota’s Twitter feed has been filled with pro-am gamers and would-be car reviewers comparing the car’s dynamics, which is about as useful as reading any other Twitter thread.

Get off the internet, and just go drive the damn thing, instead.

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