2020 Toyota Corolla Sedan Driven! Model Line-up Overview

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In the Cabin

Compared to the previous Corolla, this new sedan does feel a bit tighter inside, especially in the back seat area, where the old model was surprisingly commodious. The trade off is that this newer model looks and feels notably more upscale. The cabin is quieter, with superior insulation, and the quality of the interior materials is much higher.

2020 Toyota Corolla SE CVT Automatic

While there are few standalone options for the Corolla, with most everything being tied to which trim level you opt for, one of the differences is the infotainment screen and gauge cluster. An optional digital display can replace analog gauges for the speedometer and other instruments, if that is your preference. That upgrade is also paired to a larger central infotainment screen. Either solution looks and works just fine, though, it’s worth noting that the central infotainment screen’s responsiveness is on the slow side.


Exterior Styling

Eight exterior colors are available for Corolla sedan, but this 2020 model brings much more changes that just the paint job. Outward visibility was something Toyota focused on with the Corolla. So, the A-pillars are thinner, the mirrors have been redesigned and rear blind spots have been minimized.

The SE models get sporty-looking 18-inch wheels, different bumpers, gray metallic exterior trim and a small trunk spoiler, to round things off. While I still prefer the overall look of the hatchback, the SE visual upgrades certainly impart a more purposeful look to the car than the outgoing model.

The LE Hybrid model, similarly, has some bespoke exterior styling touches to make it stand out. They include the Hybrid-specific 15-inch wheels, which are lighter, reducing rolling resistance down the road, theoretically improving the MPG numbers.

Pricing and Concluding Thoughts

Pricing for the 2020 Toyota Corolla is as follows:

  • Corolla L: $20,430
  • Corolla LE: $20,880
  • Corolla LE Hybrid: $23,880
  • Corolla SE (CVT): $22,880
  • Corolla SE (Manual): $23,580
  • Corolla XLE: $24,880
  • Corolla XSE: $26,380

This price numbers include Toyota’s $930 destination charge. For the more enthusiastic buyers out there, It’s worth noting that the 6-speed manual is only available on the SE model, and Toyota charges an extra $700 for the privilege of rowing your own gears.

While the sportier SE models look nice, it’s impossible to ignore the value of the LE Hybrid model, which, for under $24,000, offers 53 MPG and a quieter driving experience. It is, seemingly, the best buy of the bunch.

Photography/Video by Jake Stumph

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