Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ Swing Sideways Stylishly in Shiwano, Wisconsin

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Trio of 86 models get sideways in this highly cinematic drift film.

Few cars are as drift-ready out of the box as the 86 twins. Lightweight, rear-wheel drive, packing a manual transmission and limited-slip diferential, they really need nothing other than talent to put on a show. And that’s exactly what we see from this latest eletor film.

Shot in 16:9 4K video, this is more of a film, or a cinematic, than one would expect from a typical YouTube drift video. The cars are of equally high quality, too. ClubFR hosts grassroots drift events, with a focus on cool, stylish cars, rather than the door-banging type of competition you would find at a Formula Drift event. It’s deeply entertaining to watch, and requires no real knowledge of the sport to enjoy.

Toyota 86 Subaru BRZ Drifting USAir Motorsports Park

And listen to that trio of 86 models throw down sideways. That silver-on-white BRZ, in particular, is all too happy to get rowdy, dirt dropping wheels and clutch kicking that 200 horsepower Boxer four-cylinder as hard as it’ll go.

We know that a big part of these cars’ charm is the low cost of entry, but these guys are driving their rides like they are $1,500 beaters. Not that we mind, mind, but it is admirable seeing the caliber of cars being hucked as hard as they will go in these clips.

Toyota 86 Subaru BRZ Drifting USAir Motorsports Park

That clean C6 Corvette is pretty slick, too. What favorites do you have from the video above? There are a lot of show-quality rides being thrown around in there.

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