Nitrous is the Best Mod for Your Scion xD

By - matt farah one take scion xd nitrous oxide disposable goods

Some cars exist purely to be used and treated like disposable goods.

There is nothing wrong with that, either. For millions of people, a Toyota Camry makes perfect sense, it’s reliable, inoffensive and does well at blending into the background of their lives. Some disposable cars however, are going to lead a different life entirely. Some disposable cars are more like playthings that you push, pull and stretch to the limit and see what happens.

That is why we fully support using nitrous oxide on an otherwise stock, sedate Scion xD. The xD fell flat in the market: it was too anonymous and really did nothing well. It existed, for a brief period of time. However, as a cheap, used car, it all starts to make sense. The low price tag drops even lower, it will be reliable and likely pretty fuel efficient all things considered. Of course, all of that goes out the window when you hook up a big bottle of N2O to the little 1.8L engine and, as the kids say, see what it do.

A car isn’t truly disposable goods until you’re willing to hook nitrous up to it and see how big of a jet you can run until it pops. Fortunately for this enterprising owner, the 2ZR-FE engine sounds to hold up pretty well when hit with the laughing gas. What a great way to take your car from ordinary to extraordinary.

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