$30K+ in Mods Does Not Make Your FR-S or BRZ Worth $60,000

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$30,000 in Mods Does Not Equal a $60,000 GT86

The proclamation shouldn’t surprise most, but it’s true: mods do not add value to the car. Rob Ferretti of Super Speeders fame is here to break down the expenses his buddy Shivam has incurred while modifying his Subaru BRZ. Perhaps it will make us all think twice before pulling the trigger on that next mod.

Now there is nothing wrong with modifying your car. Every car I own gets modified in one or another. However, you have to keep in mind that in 99% of cases, you will never get money spent on modifications back. It’s a sunk cost and part of playing with cars. It’s like depreciation, it’s an ever-present thing happening. Don’t lose sleep over it, it’s just something that happens.

That said, we are very curious how this build has escalated into an eye watering $30,000 in modifications. There is a supercharger kit; front and rear Brembo big brake kits; wheels and tires; bolt-ons including a titanium exhaust; and several powertrain supporting mods like engine mounts and a clutch kit. Ferretti lists out the costs of these modifications and we are left wondering: why? We are on-board with Ferretti in that for the way in which the car is used (on the street), less expensive options would have achieved the desired result.

Having a modified car is fun, but when you’re selling a car that has $60,000 in it for $22,000, it makes you think twice.

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