Ferrari F12 vs. Toyota GT86: Which is More Fun?

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Autocar asks which is more fun on: the Ferrari F12 or Toyota GT86.

Facts and figures would suggest that only a fool would choose a Toyota GT86 over a Ferrari. Any Ferrari, really, and especially the 730 horsepower F12 Berlinetta. With three-and-a-half times as much horsepower and torque as the 86, it’s a one-sided battle. However, facts and figures belie the subjective feeling of the two cars.

Sometimes, less can be more, and the GT86 is a perfect example of that. With its low weight and relative lack of power, the 86 is fun to hustle through the gears and wring it out. Conversely, with 730 horsepower on tap, one must be a bit more careful with the mighty prancing horse. Both cars represent the traditional front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car layout, however, each is so drastically different, representing the far ends of the spectrum.

Autocar’s Matt Prior takes on the 86 and the Ferrari to see which he prefers. Surprisingly calm throughout the V12 rodeo, Prior ultimately comes to the conclusion that the best solution is to have both: the GT86 to start your day and the F12 Berlinetta to end it. Not a bad call, at all, Mr. Prior.

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