Toyota GT86 vs. T86RS 86 Race Car: Head to Head

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How does the Toyota GT86 compare against its race car brother?

We have talked about the Toyota 86 Racing Series before. T86RS is the one-make race series, supported by Toyota of Australia, showcasing some of the finest wheel-to-wheel action you’ll ever see. With the T86RS cars being so close to the production model, one can’t help but wonder how close their performances are on track.

Fortunately, Wheels Australia is here to answer that question. Although, perhaps a bit differently than we are normally accustomed. When car enthusiasts hear “Head to head,” the Motor Trend comparisons abound, as they have really set the benchmark for cool comparison videos. However, Wheels Australia gives a different take on it. Short, sweet and to the point, there is no data and numbers to crunch. Instead, we see some slick action of the two cars on track and driving impressions from the wheel man.

So, how do they compare? In short, the T86RS cars simply magnify the inherent positive traits of the GT86. The neutral handling balance, with a slight oversteer tendency, is maintained, but paired with firmer suspension and more tire grip. Of course, the uncorked FA20 engine also sounds way more aggressive than the factory-muffled GT86. Ultimately, the race cars seem turned up, but not so much as to become tiresome, or difficult to drive. Looks like fun. Now, about that Australian visa…

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