Instagram Account of the Week #9: fotornr

By - Instagram Account of the Week #9: fotornr

This adventure photographer takes their Toyota 4Runner through all terrains.

Some people use their Toyota 4Runner trucks for the daily drive, and family shuffle. This particular 4Runner, owned by Instagram user fotornr, gets a regular workout of off-roading action. Of course, that makes sense when the driver of this 4Runner is an Outdoor Adventure Photographer.

While a standard 4Runner is more than capable of tackling tough terrain, this particular rig has been outfitted with some hearty upgrades to make it that much more ready to roam. The matte olive green wrap adds some off-road cred to the aesthetics of this 4Runner. From there, shortened off-road bumpers improve the overhangs and angles of attack on the truck. A roof rack and rear cargo hitch also adds to the all-terrain vibes. Instagram Account of the Week #9: fotornr

But this 4Runner is more than just a skin deep off-roader. Under the chassis is a very nice Icon Vehicle Dynamics Stage 7 suspension. This rather expensive setup replaces most of the factory suspension components under this truck. Two-inch lift springs, shocks with remote reservoirs, control arms and an adjustable rear track bar makes for an adjustable setup that is ready to tackle the rough stuff.

From there 17-inch VTX Rouge wheels are wrapped 34″ Toyo Mud Terrain tires. It’s a rugged look, and one that we very much approve of. Instagram Account of the Week #9: fotornr

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