Toyota 86 MF Ghost Concept Track Tested

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MF Ghost Concept based on new Japanese manga which prominently features the new Toyota 86 sports car.

We first covered the MF Ghost Concept Toyota 86 a few days ago. This modified 86 has been done up to replicate one of the hero cars in the titular manga. This is a very cool piece of Japanese pop culture come to life, but does it actually work?

This video from the Best Motoring YouTube channel puts the MF Ghost Concept through it’s paces at Fuji Speedway. While our Japanese is a bit rusty, we will do our best to cover some highlights.

MF Ghost Concept Toyota 86 Track Test

Right away, the grip and braking performance wows the driver. Specifically, he points out, those Bridgestone RE71R tires are like magic when it comes to cornering and braking ability. However, the 86 is still lacking in power around Fuji, which is one of Japan’s fastest tracks, in terms of average speed.

MF Ghost Concept Toyota 86 Track Test

Of course, this 86 is still a street car, so it has to work on the road, as well. The host has several key talking points, most revolving around the MFG Concept’s ride comfort. That racing clutch seems to be a bit much on the road, as does the Bride halo seat, which, the host mentions, limits side-to-side visibility.

Beyond that, it’s all smiles. The host praises the MF Ghost Concept and mentions that it showcases the potential of the 86 platform.

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