Toyota 86 ‘MF Ghost’ Edition Created for the Fan Boys Out There

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MF Ghost manga written by creator of Initial D, features Toyota 86 as one of the protagonist cars.

Car enthusiasts the world over know of Initial D. This manga turned anime stormed into the automotive lexicon with a force, and almost single-handedly raised prices of the original Toyota AE86 Corolla to eye-watering levels. Of course, the hero of Initial D, Fujiwara Takumi, drives an AE86. It’s an excellent show to watch and series of manga to read, and a must-do for any JDM car enthusiast.

However, it does feel a bit dated at this point. After all, all of the prominent cars featured are from the ’80s and ’90s. What if there was a more modern take to Initial D? Well, viewer, we have good news for you, because the creator of Initial D has begun working on a new title: MF Ghost. Set in the 2020s, it revolves around a new cast of car-crazed heros, one of whom drives a modern day 86. So, imagine our surprise finding out that  real life recreation of that car exists, and it was built in conjunction with Toyota directly? This video from the Best Motoring YouTube channel shows exactly that.

MF Ghost Toyota 86

Check out all of the sponsor stickers on the side of this “MFG Concept” 86.  The first one is the one you should be paying attention to. It says “GR Garage,” and the GR script should stand out to you. GR stands for Gazoo Racing, the team responsible for the new Toyota Supra, among others. Yup, this thing was built, in part, by Toyota, themselves.


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This video is just an overview of the manga car come to life, but the parts list looks promising. TWS T66-F forged wheels, sized 17×8, are wrapped in 215/45 Bridgestone RE71R tires. Behind those wheels is a Project Mu big brake kit. The suspension is an aftermarket set of lowering springs and shocks.

MF Ghost Toyota 86

The exterior is pretty much standard, other than the sweet SARD rear wing. Inside, however, there is a sweet Bride seat. Oh, and wrapping things up is an upgraded, lightened clutch, and flywheel, as well as an aftermarket locking differential.

It’s a sweet ride, and definitely a good reminder to go patronize your local comic book store and get up to date on the MF Ghost manga.

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