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Meet the Cooper Tires Cooper Zeon RS3-G1: Masters of Lateral Grip

Cooper Tires’ Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 is the new benchmark in the world of ultra-high performance all-season tires. An evolution from the RS3-A, the new G1 tire derives it’s name from a very important figure: lateral acceleration. The new Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 can sustain 1G of lateral grip around the skidpad, an impressive stat for all-season rubber.

What does that mean for the driver? In a word: confidence. Cooper touts that improvements made for the RS3-G1 tire tread compound and design “deliver a host of leading innovative features to create grip, stability and durability.” It’s no secret that the factory supplied tires on Scions were not exactly performance-oriented. Tires are the most overlooked, yet most crucial change you can make to your ride. Better tires improve steering feel, shorten braking distances, as well as aid in lateral grip and acceleration. scion cooper tire cooper zeon RS3-G1 tire review

How did they improve from the RS3-A? Scott Jamieson, Cooper Tires’ Director of Product Management, is quoted as saying “Innovations in the tire’s tread compound and design help it deliver incredible grip, allowing the tire to hold the road at up to 1G in tight corners—a marvel of cutting edge technology for an all-season tire.” Mulling over the technical data reveals increased silica content in the tire compound. The right mix of rubber and silica can be a boon for tire grip and stability. That is why a lot of track day tires feature “silica-enhanced” compounds in their construction. Beyond that, the tire tread has a few interesting cues that tip us off about it’s sporting intentions. Note the three ribs in the center of the tire. The outer ribs have asymmetrical channels and siping to dispel rain. However, the center rib is more simply designed, which limits the tire’s ability to feel squirmy when tire pressures rise, a common situation when you’re hammering down your favorite winding road and getting heat into the tires. Additionally, the outer shoulder of the tread block looks a lot like something you would see on an ultra-high performance summer tire, not an all-season. The shoulder is wide, with straight channels and siping. This design should, like the center rib, have reduced flex, meaning tauter sidewalls and sharper steering response.

The tech talk is one thing, real world results are another. Check out this amazing event that the folks at Cooper Tire set up to showcase what the Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 is really capable of:

[via Cooper Tire]

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