Toyota Announces Important Safety Recall for C-HR Models

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2018 2019 Toyota C-HR Compact SUV Tour Walkaround Review Buyers Guide Jake Stumph

2019 Toyota C-HR models could have rear wheel fall off if recall not addressed in timely manner.

Ah, the Toyota C-HR. This funky, little compact SUV is a favorite in the office, here. It’s also now the subject of an important safety recall involving the rear wheels and suspension. Namely, a failed suspension bolt can cause a wheel to fall off the vehicle while driving. File that under: “not good.”

As per Toyota:

“There is a possibility that one or more rear axle bearing bolts on some vehicles may not have been tightened sufficiently during the manufacturing process. If one or more bolts become loose or detach during vehicle operation, they could damage the rear brake components or could cause the rear wheels to detach, resulting in reduced brake performance or a potential loss of vehicle stability. This could increase the risk of a crash.

For all involved vehicles, Toyota dealers will check the rear axle hub bearing bolts.If a bolt is found to be loose or detached, the dealer will replace the rear axle hub bearing assembly and rear axle carrier sub-assembly with new ones at no cost to customers. Owners of all involved vehicles will receive notification starting in early November.”

Fortunately, as of now this is limited to just 700 examples of the 2019 C-HR, so it’s limited in scale. However, if your vehicle is affected, don’t lollygag around with it. Get it fixed before calamity strikes.

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