Toyota Supra Reigns Supreme at SEMA 2018

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Toyota Gazoo Supra Concept SEMA 2018

From new racing concept cars to custom old school rides, Toyota Supras were out in full force. 

Scion Life has been in Vegas taking in another year of automotive excellence at SEMA. Naturally, Toyota did not disappoint. The Toyota Supra was especially a favorite. From showcasing the newest innovations on the race track, to old school Supras with tricks up their sleeves, there was a wealth of Supra dominance.

We’re not going to play favorites because they are all impressive and rad rides. Check ’em out.

Toyota Gazoo GR Supra Racing Concept

Toyota Gazoo Supra Concept SEMA 2018

Toyota Gazoo Racing introduced their Supra racing concept car, and it looks damn good.

The GR Supra Racing concept is race-ready, taking cues from its with a fifth-gen design. The innovative lightweight materials are sure to give it edge. The front-engine, rear-wheel-drive configuration will be a hellraiser on the track.

1985 Toyota Supra MK2 A60 

1985 Toyota Supra SEMA 2018

Owner Roger Keyes has modded out this beloved Supra with a 2JZ-GTE engine, SSR EX-C FNS wheels, and Apex’i Titanium exhaust, and bodywork from ToyRod Motorworks. “I got this car after graduating high school as a gift from my father,” says Keyes. “I preserved it. And in 2008 I did a full restoration and build. Something unique that would still maintain the factory lines.”

1985 Toyota Supra SEMA 2018

Keyes has shown his car at shows, and taken home “Best in Show” as well as bragging rights. He adds “The build came out exactly as I envisioned it, but there’s still more to do.”

1987 Toyota Supra MK3 A70 

1987 Toyota Supra SEMA 2018

This clean ’87 Supra has had undergone many swaps and mods including suspension, exhaust, brakes, JDM Recaro seating, Nitto tires, and more.

1987 Toyota Supra SEMA 2018

The goal was authenticity, speed, and power. Says owner Dennis Chu, “Short of importing a twin turbo R MK3 3 Supra from Japan myself, the inspiration was to build the most authentic JDM MK3 that was left-hand-drive.”

1983 Toyota Supra MK2 A 60

1983 Toyota Supra SEMA

1983 Toyota Supra MK2 A60 

This beautifully maintained Supra was made for performance, and drifting. Owner Javier Paramo has owned it since 1989. “I was inspired by period-correct, ’80s-era modifications like those done by the ‘old skool’ Japanese enthusiasts.” Paramo also was inspired by vintage Japanese car model kits.

The Supra has been featured onscreen as an extra in The Fast and the Furious, an episode of Fastest Car, an in Import Tuner magazine. But most importantly, it is everything that Paramo wants in a car, saying, “But most of all I built it to my own liking, to enjoy.”

1988 Toyota Supra MK3 A70

1988 Toyota Supra SEMA 2018

This award-winning Supra features a custom paint job using the original Toyota Dark Blue Pearl paint. The engine bay has custom-machined mounting brackets, and intake and exhaust manifolds with all Jet Hot ceramic coating.

1988 Toyota Supra SEMA 2018

Other custom details include a rebuilt suspension, and a lush interior of leather and suede.

1995 Toyota Supra MK4 A80

1995 Toyota Supra SEMA 2018

Sporty and sleek in black with red, this Supra delivers on performance. Owner Brandon Taft says he “likes to dabble in non-competition time attack.” He modeled the engine after YSR Japan’s naturally-aspirated 2JZ-GE engine and vintage race tuning with individual throttle bodies. Taft said “The build was an experiment to see how much power we could extract from the 2JZ-GE engine without forced induction.” It’s a great looking and performing weekend track car.

1993 Toyota Supra MK4 A80

1993 Toyota Supra SEMA 2018

Clean lines and a bold rear spoiler make this ’93 Supra a head-turner. But it was built to perform like a beast. Owner and lead builder Aaron Kuhn of Driftmotion says “This is the world’s first ‘1.2JZ’ with a 1JZ-GTE bottom end and 2JZ-GTE VVTi head. We built it for high-rpm performance with that incredible 1JZ sound.” It has been featured on an episode of The Hoonigans Daily Transmission doing some epic burnouts.

1994 Toyota Supra Mk4 A80 

1994 Toyota Supra SEMA 2018

“We love all things Toyota,” says Nick and Jill Stonawski. They have been involved in the Supra culture for over 20 years, and this ’94 beaut is their fourth build. “This low-mileage gem was tucked away for most of its life,” they said. That is until the Stonawskis got a hold of it. They did a full restoration, disassembled the engine and replaced it piece by piece. They added a full HKS forced induction system, a six-speed Getrag V260 transmission, and added a suspension with Tein coil-overs and TRD sway bars. The work paid off, with reading of 766 rear-wheel hp and 600 lb-ft of torque on the Dyno.

1994 Toyota Supra MK4 A80 

1994 Toyota Supra SEMA 2018

Colorful and cool, owner Rick Leos says the inspiration is “Superman-themed…but to be honest, it’s more like a super villain.” Considering it makes 826 rwhp at 30 psi, he’s right, this is a badass. Leos used a full Veilside widebody kit to achieve its style. “When I was growing up, Supra was always the super-cool, cult JDM racer,” says Leos. “I just had to have one…I just had to take it to the next level.”

At if there is one thing that SEMA embodies, it is taking it to the next level.

Photos for Scion Life by Nolan Browning 

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