Toyota GT86 Turbo vs. McLaren MP4-12C

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Turbo Toyota GT86 takes on McLaren supercar for track day supremacy.

U.K. tuner Fensport has long specialized in Toyota and Lexus speed parts. As you can imagine, the blank slate that is the Toyota GT86 gave them a lot to work with. Fensport invited Autocar magazine to drive three GT86 models: a stock one; a turbocharged, road-focused model and a very turbocharged 335 horsepower track car.

While that would make for a fun day in and of itself, Autocar decided to up the ante a bit. Of course, when we say “a bit,” we mean “a lot.” Autocar brought along a McLaren MP4-12C supercar to put into perspective the level of performance Fensport’s GT86 track car could muster.

The 3,200 pound McLaren comes to battle with the M838T engine, which is a twin-turbocharged 3.8L V8 good for 616 horsepower. 0-60MPH happens in less than 3 seconds, and being a mid-engine exotic from one of the winningest brands in motorsport means it has handling capability to match.

It’s no slouch then. So, what does the Fensport GT86 “Turbo Sprint” car pack beneath the bonnet? (We are in jolly old England, after all.) Well, this: Fensport McLaren MP4-12C vs. Toyota GT86 Scion FRS turbo

Down on power, most certainly, but also majorly down on weight, as well. This ought to be good. So, who do think has the edge? One way to find out.

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