Toyota North America Reports Declining February Sales Numbers

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Overall sales of new Toyota models are down, but strong Lexus SUV sales propped the sales sails considerably.

Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) today reported February 2019 sales of 172,748 vehicles, a decrease of 5.2 percent from February 2018 on a volume and daily selling rate (DSR) basis.

Toyota division posted February sales of 152,626 units, down 6.3 percent on a volume and DSR basis. Meanwhile, Lexus posted February sales of 20,122 vehicles, up 4.4 percent on a volume and a DSR basis. Sales of Lexus line of luxury SUV models contributed strongly to these results.

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February 2019 Highlights  

  • Corolla sales up 16.0 percent
  • Highlander sales increased 8.9 percent; a best-ever February
  • C-HR sales increased 7.3 percent; a best-ever February
  • Tacoma up 10.2 percent; a best-ever February
  • Land Cruiser sales increased 52.5 percent
  • LX sales up 6.8 percent
  • ES sales increased by 23.8 percent in February
  • RC sales up 50.0 percent
  • NXh sales up 39.8 percent; a best-ever February
  • RXh sales up 52.5 percent
  • Lexus Hybrid sales up 112.3 percent
  • Lexus Luxury SUV sales up 7.0 percent; a best-ever February

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