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Scion FR-S Forced Induction Turbo and supercharger applications...

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Default Innovate Motorsports FR-S/BRZ Supercharger System release

so they finally released it.


Innovate Motorsports FR-S/BRZ Supercharger System release!

Greetings all, the moment has finally arrived! After one heck of a gestation period the Innovate Motorsports Stage 1 non-intercooled supercharger systems are finally ready for release! Let’s get the lingering elephant in the room out of the way first…


This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1400x665 and weights 115KB.

This graph represents the supercharger system on an eddy current Dynojet dynamometer in fith gear utilizing our 91 octane CARB pending tune on an otherwise stock vehicle. Even the factory paper filter element was installed in the air box. While we did make several stronger pulls, we felt our lowest single pull would best represent the low end of what one would likely experience with our turn-key stage 1 system. That said, the gains are very impressive and really shine through from behind the wheel. The torque “valley” turns in to a mountain, with gains in the 30 to 40lbft filling in the stock car’s dip. The story is pretty much the same from 5K to redline. It feels like one would expect, like it gained another liter of displacement and 2 more cylinders. Now that that is handled let us move on to the next most frequently asked question, pricing…

(P/N: 6010) MSRP Stage 1 (non-intercooled, no tune) “Tuner” System $3195

Online Store Purchase Link For Stage 1 Tuner System:

(P/N: 6011) MSRP Stage 1 (ECUTEK Pro Ecu kit w/tune & K&N Filter) “Complete” System $3695 (Coming Soon)

You may have noticed the difference in pricing from our original estimated MSRP. This is due to some additional expenses incurred in the development of our complete system. The fact is that dyno time, tuning labor, CARB, and ECUTEK cables/licenses are not cheap; and now for some good news….

You have also likely noticed that we have actually LOWERED the price on the tuner system. We felt that those who do not need a tune/cable should not be burdened with the additional costs incurred in the development of the complete system, logic prevails. Oh, and a K&N™ serviceable drop in air filter is now included in the Complete system. After all, why not throw something nice in your stock air box after having to remove that intake you may have installed previously. Trust us; it will be worth it.

As of today we are now accepting orders through our online store. Dealer inquiries are also welcome.

Innovate Motorsports Supercharger System Web Page:

High Resolution Images:

Installation Manual:

Intercooled options in development, no release information available is at this time.

damn i'm excited for this.
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Just finished the install on my 86, currently waiting for the rain to stop before trying to do any reviews
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HOLY CRAP! so I finally managed to get it tuned, and she feels incredible. the power delivery is smooth, and there when you need it. You don't need to down-shift from 6th gear to get around 18 wheelers on the highway anymore, and it just feels awesome.

Here's a 2nd gear pull that I took tonight, post tune, just for an idea of how quick she'll get up to speed with this kit

(sorry for the crappy quality vid, using my phone on a suction cup thingy)

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