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Default Window Visors

I did a quick search on the forums and the only window visor thread I found was for the 2ndGen. If anyone knows the thread to the 1G window visors, please direct me

Anyways, does anyone here have in-channel window visors? Saw some on amazon for about $40 but lots of complaints about burning out their window motor because the window would get caught in the in-channel visors making it work extra hard to close.

The 2G thread said they don't use the 3M tape with their weathertech visors which is what I plan on doing if I buy in-channel ones. I had used out-channel visors before but don't really trust them. Lost one on the freeway before. Any pics or advice would be appreciated.

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I have been a huge fan of WeatherTech In-Channel Visors for many years and have them on all my cars.

They were on my 1989 Corolla SRT-5 for 7 years before I sold it.
They are Currently on my 2015 RS9 for over 2 years now. And they are on my 1999 Chrysler Town & Country mini-van now.
I have not had any issue with the wiper motor prematurely going out.

They are Available for your 2008 tC 1G. This may not be the best price so you have to shop around:

Weathertech In-Channel Window Deflectors - 2960+ Reviews on Weathertech Vent Visors & Side Window Deflectors


p.s. DO NOT put 3M tape on anything for your car.
As a Engineer they will all eventually come off due to weather, rain, wind, heat, car washes...
Only Amateurs, N00bs and the Lazy use tape. The only Exception is maybe for Emblems. Tape fuggettaboutit!

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I have the Wade in-channel visors for my 2007 tC. They look exactly like the Weathertech ones but they come with double sided tape that sticks on the inside the channel when you slide the visors in. It's just for extra security so that the visors don't come loose. I know people who have the Weathertech ones and some said theirs got loose over time.
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