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Default Possible fix for P0102 with p0113

Hey everyone I just spend 1 month chasing my tail on this issue and I think I possibly fixed this issue for people that have a S/C setup.

Recently after a deployment I managed to have issues with my tc. It started with mild hesitation issues then final product lead to a CEL with a P0102 and P0113.

While troubleshooting I did not follow the golden rule, stick to the basics, work backwards (I.E replace a part, no result change back and pay attention to detail)

Anyways last night I was driving home from work and the car stalled out, I replaced the maf sensor a few days with no fix. So I woke up this morning and ripped apart the car checking for vacuum leaks, then I noticed something. On the filter assembly on the intake portion there was suppose to be a weather stripping type seal. It was gone, remember after cleaning the airfilter I ripped it off because of the ware and figured it was pointless. Sooo with that said I replaced it with some doublesided 3M tap and presto car idles great, no issues with hesitation and I can hit boost again! So if you are having this issue please check your seals, o-rings and minor things first before going out and buying 180 dollar parts.. Don't ask. LOL
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