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TC_newbie 08-24-2018 06:47 PM

HELP! Reverse Lockout?
Looking to get a custom shift knob for my 05 Scion tC and we're just not sure if I have a Reverse Lockout or not.

It's my first stick shift so I had to look up what it even meant when they asked. Anything helps.

drizzoh 08-24-2018 09:35 PM

Most newer cars have a reverse lockout so you cannot accidentally shift into reverse, but this isn't an issue in regards to a knob for the 1G tC and it has a basic 5 speed transmission (no moving parts that fit up into the shift knob like on the tC2).
You should be able to use just about any knob on that car as long as it fits the thread pitch.

The tC2+ (2011-2016) has a Reverse Lockout feature where you have to pull a lockout tab up and then move it over a shift gate to engage reverse gear. This is part of 6-speed transmissions, but on your 5-speed you should be fine to just throw a new knob on.

I will say though that in my experience, universal-fit knobs that have the set screws feel flimsy and loosen up all the time. You'll want to go with something properly threaded if you can afford it.

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