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Default Only HALF of the HEAT/AC works right?

So this is the issue that I've been having over the past six months.
It's Summertime, and I have a few more weeks to fix this problem before winter arrives again.

Can someone help?

Is it the blower motor......
Is it the resistor to the motor....
Is it a plastic rotating widget....

My feet freeze during this past winter on trips over twenty minutes.
I have not done any meter testing because I don't own a amp/volt tester, but I have looked at several threads and several videos. None have ONLY the top vent functioning perfectly well at all output levels (low-high) but not the bottom fan blowing out properly.

When I put my hand down near the feet area, I notice that heat works for a split second or less some of the time when I change the fan speed to different levels.

But ultimately cuts off to no air underneath the dash.

The top vents push out air/heat perfectly.

Any suggestions?
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Sounds like vent control motor.
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