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Default 2006 Scion tC problems

Hey guys first post. This has happene a few times this week.

when driving my brake light, abs light, and battery light comes on. The air condition is put on full blast as well. Any ideas why?
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Totally speculating, but it could be your alternator. They cause weird electrical symptoms when they start to go out, and multiple dash lights are a common sign. The A/C thing is very strange though.
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I would take it somewhere to get the codes read next time it happens. I know places like autozone will do it for free, but after you get the codes that are being thrown consult the internet, or another trustworthy place. I haven't really had good luck at autoparts stores getting good advice or solutions.
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Never had that happen, do you have codes?
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What BBsciontc said. Our SR20 cars do the same thing when the regulator goes out on the alternator. You can get a 12v cig lighter to USB adapter with voltage readout on ebay real cheap. I always have one in every car so I can see the voltage at all times. If it's over 14.7v or below 12.5v you know something is wrong. On ours it usually goes high like 17v and all sorts of weird crap starts happening.
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